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A Review of Jungle Scout Amazon Product Research Tool

2020, 02, 21, Friday 08:29
Home Reviews A Review of Jungle Scout Amazon Product Research Tool
What is Jungle Scout?
Jungle Scout Web App vs. Chrome Extension
How to use Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout Major Features
Choosing Jungle Scout Plan

jungle scout web app

Jungle Scout is product research tool that helps you find the most profitable item to sell in various niches. The most important step by FBA sellers is choosing the item to sell. It marks the difference between success and failure on FBA. Jungle Scout helps Amazon FBA sellers record sellers record success selling on Amazon by helping them determine the right item to sell.

Nowadays, finding profitable profitable Amazon items without using a tool like jungle scout is difficult. Of course, it can be done manually. However, it'll be like searching for a particle in an ocean using naked eyes. Without a tool like jungle scout, it will take long time to find the right item to sell on Amazon. Even after finding the item, you will be uncertain about the profitability and potential of success of the item.

More money is required to start selling on Amazon FBA than kindle publishing and drop shipping. It's good to spend some time researching on the best item to sell to avoid risks. It will ensure that you start right.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a research tool that helps Amazon sellers to identify items with the potential to win, research keywords, estimate sales and track competitors easily.

It shows the most promising items and ones to quickly grow your Amazon business. Of course, there are countless options when searching for a favorite Amazon item. Jungle Scout will scan through the list of these items to tell you the best one. Selling such an item will ensure you receive steady flow of income from your Amazon business.

When researching Amazon items, jungle scout relies on a number of factors to determine profitable items. It performs various functions when doing product research. It determines the various statistics for an item including:

  • Estimated sales.
  • Customer ratings.
  • Customer reviews.

Other than telling users about performance of various items, it can be used to monitor performance of listed items. It can show daily sales made by an item and competitors to know how their items are performing. It shows weaknesses in competitors' listings for you to exploit. Also, jungle scout shows competitors' strengths so that you can incorporate them in your listings.

Jungle Scout Web App vs. Chrome Extension

There are two ways to use jungle scout, as web app and as chrome extension. Most people don't know difference between the two and whether you need one or both to conduct item research.

To access the jungle scout website, you pay monthly subscription fees. It has many features that helps you find profitable Amazon items. Its chrome extension is installed on the browser and helps sellers evaluate items and all keywords they've found.

The jungle scout chrome extension charges an annual fee. It's usable when conducting Amazon searches but it can't find niche items that you don't know. The extension comes in two versions, the Jungle Scout Extension Lite and Jungle Scout Pro versions. The Pro option comes with many and advanced features.

With the web app, you search and find niches. The chrome extension is for evaluating search terms, products and niches. They serve different purposes.

So, which jungle scout version should you use?

If your interest is to get ideas about niches and identify profitable items for Amazon, use the web app. Once you've identified the items or search terms that you needed, use the extension to evaluate them. This will give more insights about the item or search term.

If you're serious about finding items and search terms and evaluating them property before putting them into action, use the two. However, if you're using the Business or Standard version of web app, you can forget the extension since they include extension's features.

How to use Jungle Scout

First, you must have an item in your mind. You can start with item lines in mind that you are interested in. After getting an item line in mind, determine statistical criteria that every item in the line has to meet.

If you've installed the extension on your browser, simply run a query of the item in your item line. The Jungle Scout estimator will return reviews data, sales estimations and predictions of future item's prices.

You can refine the search criteria further using the web app to use specific criteria for your item. Common criteria include:

  • price range
  • product weight
  • preference
  • sales demographics
  • minimum monthly sales.

The criteria help in sales targeting to right potential customers. Jungle Scout web app will allow you discover new items and niches that are related to your product line. You then integrate such into your item line.

Jungle Scout helps sellers identify level of competition to know where they can jump into and attract customers to their brands. Jungle Scout feature are not limited to FBA only, but they help FBM users too.

Jungle Scout Major Features

The Jungle Scout team improves the tool continuously to give users a good experience. In each improvement of Jungle Scout, new features are added. New features have been added to its web app, making it a powerful Amazon tool to take you from the point item research to making your first sale and even offering after sales support.

Let's discuss the major features offered by amazon jungle scout :

Product Database

This is core feature of jungle scout and it's were niche search begins. With jungle scout, you can search throughout the Amazon catalog with millions of items and identify the best item to sell. It will help you narrow down the search and identify the most promising item. The database contains various items from various Amazon marketplaces worldwide, and you can use filters to search through these.

What makes jungle scout powerful are the filters. You search based on sales price, star ratings, total revenue, sales and other variables. If you hate receiving many results, you can filter for ones that matter most. You simply tweak the search results ad get a list of potential items to sell within minutes.

To use it, you first choose the desired marketplace then filter results using your category of interest.

Jungle Scout Launch

Next, you should filter results to remain with small number of items that you're interested in. The filtering is done using factors like price, revenue, sales, size, reviews etc.

Product search supports saving and loading filter presets to quickly and easily apply filters that are readily customized.

After hitting search, you get a list of items directly on web app. The results can be exported into a .csv file and be analyzed further. If you know keywords, you can perform filtering instead of running wider search.

Product Tracker

After identifying an item using product research feature, you need to get further details of the item before committing into selling it. This is possible using product tracker.

This section used to show data in a graph, but it now shows data in a tabular form. It allows creation of customized groups for tracking items together for comparisons. After clicking into items group, you will be given details of items that are under tracking. The information can viewed per individual item rather than as a group.

All these attempts will help get a profitable item for sell and avoid wasting much time on unprofitable Amazon items.

Supplier Database

Finding an item for sell is good. However, where will you get the item from?

This feature of jungle scout helps a seller find a reliable supplier for an item. These are items that you've researched and found. Any seller who has dealt with Amazon FBA knows how good it's to find a reliable supplier. They also know how hard it's to find such a supplier.

Jungle Scout provides a supplier database to simplify this. This database is full of suppliers for different items. The supplier database is searchable. The process of searching for a supplier is very simple. you simply input the name of item that you're looking for.

amazon jungle scout

You can also search using the name of the supplier or the company. Of course, this is if they're known. After the results are returned, you'll get a list of suppliers and more details about them will be shown.

You can save the details for future reference. You'll also be able to contact the suppliers and discuss with them. If you need to see more details about a supplier, click "View More" drop down. This will return all previous shipments done by the supplier and their amounts, telling whether they're credible or not.

This step is great when using jungle scout and it serves a desire that many Amazon sellers wish to have. It's a feature that has greatly transformed jungle scout from a simple research tool to a one-stop Amazon selling tool.

Niche Hunter

The jungle scout niche hunter is an advanced tool for finding Amazon niche items. It allows sellers to evaluate keywords and evaluate the competitors’ item listings, providing easy ways of determining the potential of an item on Amazon.

Niche hunter maximizes the product search process and increases efficiency, allowing seller to launch dozens of items annually once they’ve streamlined the process. It provides sellers with an easy of determining the potential of Amazon items.

Its chrome extension is easy to understand and use. However, the niche hunter has a learning curve and takes time to learn how to use it. It has a similar look like the product database. It allows choosing of marketplace and the item to be searched.

 Jungle Scout

Niche hunter provides different filtering options. Some are similar, example, price and units sold. However, others are unique, example, listing quality score, opportunity score and competition. 

You run the results after selecting basic item's attributes. It returns keywords you've searched, average item's price for chosen keywords, average sold units, category, competition, opportunity score and listing quality.

Each keyword results can be expanded further to show results of top listings, and all items' details are shown.

Niche hunter gives useful information about items and niches, but at first, it may be overwhelming.

Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout was introduced recently in jungle scout and it's a highly useful tool for sellers. it helps sellers determine real keywords that customers use to search for items.

Keyword scout helps determine level of demand of an Amazon keyword. The search volume per keyword is determinable using keyword scout. If you've identified best Amazon item, you can determine relevancy of its keyword using keyword scout.

 Keyword scout can give you an accurate suggestion of amount keywords to use per PPC ad. This is for sellers who run PPC ads to market their items. You'll save money for running PPC campaigns.

 When launching new item, you'll need to give free items. This helps improves the item's rank on Amazon. Since item will be downloaded severally, it will rank high. Keyword Scout tells sellers amount of free items to give per item. When using Keyword Scout, you only enter the item's ASIN or keyword.

 Jungle Scout Launch

When you search for keyword, Keyword Scout returns keyword's summary showing brand search volume, search volume, best number of freebies, keyword relevancy and total PPC bids.

Keyword scout can give keyword suggestions. It also suggests keywords related to what buyers search for. This way, finding niche keywords becomes easier. Sellers find less competitive niche keywords and items rank higher on search. You get all details related to a keyword.

keyword Scout can be termed to be the best keyword tool for Amazon, and all web app plans for jungle scout support it.

Listing Builder

This feature is important to jungle scout users, helping meet the needs of all FBA sellers. Most sellers, especially beginners, don't consider the text they use when listing items on Amazon. When you combine keywords lists feature and listing builder, you'll come up with a listing that has all necessary keywords, beating your competitors.

First, you should begin with the selected keywords you need to target and already added to custom list. You then use that listing to create another listing inside listing builder.

Jungle Scout Sales Analytics

After clicking Next button, a new window appears. All keywords you've chosen will be shown on the left while all text fields needed for completing the listing will be shown on the right.

When typing the listing, the percentage of the keyword density will be shown. This listing format is basic and sounds good for beginners. However, for experienced sellers, they may already have a way of creating listings. Listing builder is good when starting and offers FBA sellers with nice place to start.


Jungle Scout Launch is a great feature that makes jungle scout more than simple a research tool. Jungle scout initially had a feature called Jump Send that required users to make a separate subscription. This made Jump Send a separate software from jungle scout. Although it still works, it is popular among Amazon shoppers.

The Jump Send's features used by Amazon sellers have been incorporated into the subscription of Jungle Scout. After subscribing, you'll be able to access these features right from jungle scout's dashboard without having to subscribe for a separate software.

The seller's item determines their success or failure on Amazon. If the item is poorly ranked, probably at a rank of above 100, it means that the seller wouldn't record any success on Amazon. Poor sales for an Amazon item means it won't be ranked well. If it is ranked poorly, it means that it will continue fetching poor or no sales at all.

The amount of sales made immediately after item's launch determines its rank. If it fetches poor initial sales, it will continue being ranked low, leading to poor sales and further poor ranking. If this downward trend isn't dealt with, it will kill your Amazon business.

Negative reviews also kill Amazon items. If somebody has had a positive experience with your business, they must tell at least one other person. However, if they have had a negative experience, they'll tell 10 other people. This applies when selling items on Amazon.

Of all customers who purchase your item, 99% may like it. However, these may fail to review on the item. However, the 1 customer out of 100 who didn't like your item will be quick to leave a negative review on your item, possibly leaving a one-star rating.

The Jungle Scout Launch feature helps you handle this. It helps sellers launch their item, get many initial sales, boost their item's rankings, get positive reviews and handle the negative reviews.

Launch helps sellers give discount to shoppers on one of largest Amazon marketplaces. These are sellers ready to purchase the item. Such sales help improve item's ranking, attracting more organic sales, boosting rankings. Such a trend creates an upward trend for the item immediately after its launch. It eliminates the need for separate landing page generator since they both achieve same results.

Just like the landing page generator, Launch will help you set auto-responders for sending follow-up emails to buyers of your item. Research shows that sellers who engage buyers are more likely to receive positive reviews from customers.

Communicating with buyers also helps eliminate or reduce negative reviews. Launch will help you communicate with buyers at the right time. If a seller decides to request a refund, Launch will email them immediately. This will increase positive reviews while reducing negative reviews.

This makes Launch a very essential tool for Amazon sellers. The jungle scout subscription includes this.

Choosing Jungle Scout Plan

Jungle Scout team improves their software frequently, adding new features. Initially, jungle scout offered three pricing plans. Currently, users incur monthly fees depending on volume of their sales.

The volume based pricing has an advantage in that each level comes with all features enabled. The restriction is the number of search that can be performed in the product database and niche hunter. There is also a restriction on number of items under tracking.

Some sellers prefer using the browser extension together with the web app. You can add it at $19, or you can purchase it as a standalone software for $39 monthly. You then gain access to extension's features.

However, the extension isn't necessary if you have obtained the full web app. However, it can still help you do product search on the fly.


Every Amazon seller should conduct a thorough research before beginning to sell on the platform. One area to perform major research is determining the item to sell on Amazon. It's the most important decision that any Amazon seller makes. It determines your Amazon journey will be successful or a failure.

There are millions of items that can be sold on Amazon. Any potential Amazon seller is confronted with millions of options to choose from. It's impossible to analyze all options and choose the right item to sell. That's why finding profitable profitable Amazon items without using a tool is difficult. Of course, it can be done manually. However, it will take much time. The seller may also fail to identify the most appropriate item to sell. Even if the seller finds item, they will be uncertain about the profitability and potential of success of the item.

More money is required when one is starting to sell on FBA. That's why initial item research is important. It will help the seller avoid the risk of selling an unprofitable item on Amazon. It also helps sellers start their Amazon journey right. If a seller starts wrong, it may be challenging for the business to pick up and show an upward trend. Jungle scout is an Amazon tool that helps sellers start and run their Amazon businesses successfully.

It helps Amazon sellers identify items with the potential to win, estimate sales and track competitors. It shows the most promising items to quickly grow your Amazon business. Jungle Scout scans through the list of available items to tell the seller the best item. A seller who sells the right item has high chances of running a profitable Amazon business. The item will experience less competition and fetch high sales. This means more revenue for the seller, helping them run sustainable Amazon business.

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