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The Best Tools for Amazon Sellers

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All About The Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

2020, 03, 16, Monday 05:39
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Top Paid Amazon Product Research Tools
Top Free Amazon Product Research Tools

As an Amazon Seller, you do a lot of searching. If your tools aren’t up to par, you can waste a lot of time that should be used to make your business more profitable!

You want the best amazon product research tools available to get you moving at top speed.

This includes easier searches, being able to ID products correctly, and getting every single notification you want. (and none you don’t)

Picking between which Finder Tools you should use is never an easy task! This Guide is going to walk you through some of the different Amazon seller tools out there – saving you precious time and money!

Top Paid Amazon Product Research Tools

IO Scout

amazon product search

IO Scout is our favorite product research tool out there for Amazon right now!

IO Scout does an amazing job of finding products that have great margins with a lack of competition.

Not only that, but IO Scout is more reliable than most other Amazon tools out there. They’ve been found to be more accurate over time than many other sites.

Some of the biggest features that they offer include sales estimates & digging into what your competitors are doing. They’ve also got a Chrome Extension so that you’ll be able to use the software with no problem. That lets you use IO Scout with more convenience than other web apps. An absolute genius feature with IO Scout is the Personal Assistant - a 24 hour online chat service to answer ALL your Amazon business related questions. Amazing! And not something offered by any other such tool.

Even better, they have a Free Trial that includes 30 minutes of use so you can see how this tool would actually function – no better way to understand a tool than to be hands-on!


There are 3 different versions: Start-up, Seller, and Business. These can range from $14.50 per month to $69 per month depending on whether you are paying annually or monthly.

Jungle Scout

amazon product analysis

Jungle Scout comes with a ton of impressive testimonials from major outlets. Companies like Huffington Post, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal have all endorsed Jungle Scout.

It’s easy to see why. Jungle Scout excels as an Amazon Product Research tool. You can easily use Jungle Scout to find niches that are going to be profitable. Many sellers have a hard time trying to figure out what area to focus on – and Jungle Scout is right there to help.

One of the biggest areas where Jungle Scout shines is in generating reviews from customers. Their Chrome Extension does this easily and it’s also a part of their “Launch” feature as well.

Scout also offers great sales analytics tools. Your ROI is important to track, and Jungle Scout does that in real-time. Your cost breakdowns and fixed expenses can all be easily managed in one place.

This is one of the best amazon product research tools out there today.


There are 3 different versions of the software: Jungle Scout, Jungle Scout & Extension, or Extension. These can cost you anywhere between $19 to $69 per month depending on whether you pay annually or monthly.

Helium 10

amazon product finder

Helium 10 can help you inflate the business you’re doing on Amazon!

Helium aims to be the only tool you need to sell successfully on Amazon – with great success. They’re committed to helping “e-commerce enthusiasts” and promise to work daily to give you more success.

They’ve got a ton of different tools designed to help you and your business that are more powerful than a lot of others we’ve seen in different tools.

Black Box

This is used for product research. Black Box is a database of more than 450 million products that can all be found in a few simple clicks.


Xray is Helium 10’s Chrome Extension. You can use Xray when browsing Amazon – a seamless transition that will give you relevant info as you’re looking through their website.


Scribbles is a kind of “check” for your listings. Are you missing any important keywords? Scribbles can help you figure that out easily and make sure every single listing you make is optimized for maximum traffic.


This is the spy system behind Helium 10. You can search via ASIN to figure out your competitor’s keyword strategies so that you can adjust yours to win the day

Refund Genie

This “magic” genie helps with estimated reimbursements and makes it easier to send requests to Amazon.

Inventory Protector

No one wants to be taken down from a various number of attacks – this item helps you stay safe against scammers or any kind of couponing attack.

Helium 10 comes with a suite of tools that will keep you on top of your Amazon game!


There are 4 versions of Helium 10, if you include the Free Plan. There is a Platinum plan for $97/month, a Diamond Plan for $197/month, and an Elite Plan for $397/month, with some yearly discounts.

Viral Launch

product research amazon

This Amazon Product finder software promises better automation, results, and visibility on Amazon. As a seller, those are certainly all things you are looking for!

Their “Kinetic” system promises to build your profits by improving your Amazon PPC system.

Kinetic works extremely well because it’s an in-depth system that is powerful. There aren’t any black box rules.

You get a lot of data and can look at the differences between your PPC and Organic sales so you can see the results in a way that’s easy to understand for your business. You also get a free setup call so that you understand Kinetic and don’t have any problems as you start.

On top of that, Viral Launch also offers:

  • Product Discovery
  • Market Intelligence
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Keyword Manager
  • Listing Builder
  • Split Testing


Viral Launch has 4 different price points which run between $50-199/month, depending on whether you pay annually or monthly.


amazon product research

AMZ Scout has a lot of resources to help your Amazon selling experience.

One thing they focus on is articles that will help you start to make money on Amazon. If you’re brand new at this; it’d be wise to check out some of the awesome resources they provide there.

The tool itself is also endorsed by a number of famous sellers & YouTube personalities, so you can also look there for more information on how it will be a successful tool for you.


One interesting perk of AMZ Scout is that they offer a “lifetime” price of $199. The monthly pricing is listed at $44.95, so if you are a serious Amazon seller; it won’t take long to make the lifetime price worth it.

Unicorn Smasher

amazon product research

Don’t be surprised by Unicorn Smasher’s looks and name – this is some serious software.

Unicorn Smasher is brought to you by the people who make AmzTracker. Unicorn Smasher means you don’t need to make giant spreadsheets anymore. Right in your browser, Unicorn Smasher gives you all kind of different stats including estimated sales and revenue.

You can also use Unicorn Smasher to create screenshots while hiding your exact product to discuss or share with others so that you can be a leader in your community if you choose.


Unicorn Smasher is a free Chrome Extension!


Amzshark is a great tool for those looking to sell more on Amazon.

Their Sales Tracker is a great way to look around Amazon and track any Amazon product. You can track up to 1000 products for up to 90 days – a powerful tool that will give you a clear look on the outlook of any market.

Amzshark also offers the use of “Niche Scout”, which can help you decide where to focus your efforts. If you’re not sure about a niche; use this tool to immediately get profitability stats as well as how competitive the marketplace is.

The Search Rankings Tracker lets you find where products rank in Amazon product search. You can be tracking up to 200 keywords at the same time for efficiency.

Some other features in Amzshark include:

  • Keyword Explorer
  • Listings Scout
  • Keyword Comparison
  • Hijacking Alerts
  • Super URLs
  • Feedback Alerts
  • Competition Scout
  • Review Alerts
  • Supplier Scout


The Professional version of AMZ Shark is FREE for the 1 st month – and only $99 per month after that.


Amazooka has some interesting perks that make it stand out as an Amazon market research tool.

When you visit their website, they offer a Free Amazon Ranking Course designed for new sellers. However, they’ve also got a lot of features built for the professionals as well.

They utilize an all-in-one dashboard that helps sellers easily make decisions without having to dig deep into many different menus.

They also offer a Product Launcher that gets reviews in a matter of days as opposed to months. Once your products are up and running, they utilize auto responders as well as ad trackers to help you send out campaigns that convert – as well as running PPC campaigns to reach new customers as well.

Their automated custom reports keep you well informed as your campaigns are running so that you’re always aware of your items’ performance.

One thing that’s truly great that Amazooka does is offer a Free Mastermind to customers after 30 days. A mastermind is a great value and can really increase the value you get from a selling tool like Amazooka.


Amazooka has 4 different plans that range from $60 per month to $500 per month. They also mention on their website that you can ask for a custom plan if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for.

AMZ Tracker is a strong tool that promises to “Go on Offense and Defense” for your Amazon listings.

They do that by showing you where your keywords are ranking with easy graphs that are quick to read. increasing conversion rates with AMZ Tracker is easy due to a “yes or no” system that shows you what you need to update in your listing.

Is your title length appropriate? Do you have high res images? These questions and many more are easily answered by AMZ Tracker.

The VIPON system is also a big boost when promoting and launching different products.

Their defensive strategy revolves around Negative Review Alerts as well as Hijack Alerts. Any time there is something going on with your listing that is going to affect you – AMZ Tracker is there to jump in and make sure your business keeps going smoothly.


There are 4 different plans that AMZ Tracker offers. Their basic plan is $50 per month and their most expensive “Legend” plan is $400 per month – and all plans come with a Free Trial.

Top Free Amazon Product Research Tools


best amazon product research tool

Camelcamelcamel is a free Amazon research tool that has an interesting name. There are three ways that Camelcamelcamel can help you as an Amazon user.

The main tool here is the Amazon Price Drop Alerts. You can choose to receive your notifications via Email or Twitter to keep yourself informed about marketplace changes.

On their website, you will see that they have a lot of information about the biggest daily and weekly drops both in quantity and in percentage value.

They also keep an extensive history of Amazon price drops. You can view 100’s of millions of Amazon products there and the price history of all of them.

Lastly, they offer extensions for both Firefox and Chrome so that you’re always in the know – one click away on any website that you’re on.


Keepa is a heavy-duty Amazon research tool that can get the job done for a lot of people. They offer 4 different extension options including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

Their price history charts help you make informed decisions when it comes to using Amazon. Not only that, but they also include price drop and availability alerts for those items that you’ve been tracking.

One feature that makes Keepa stand out is there international tools. They can track products in different countries, so more in-depth sellers and those located in other countries may be more interested in Keepa.

They’re also a good resource to use for Daily Deals as you can view products that have a big price drop in one day.

It’s encouraging to see that Keepa is regularly updated – their site lists that they are monitoring over 1 billion Amazon products.

AMZ base

AMZ Base is an extremely powerful free Amazon tool. It truly is a one-and-done extension because it connects Amazon, eBay, Google, and Alibaba all in one place. That’s an extremely powerful connection for Amazon sellers.

Not only that, it can also calculate the fees involved so that you’re not doing the math yourself or any guesswork when it comes to the profitability of your searches.

With AMZ Base, you can also get a hold of the ASIN number right away – simply by hovering over an image. Those features can really help you speed up your searching process and make it so much faster to search through the different sites instead of switching from tab to tab.

This is a Google Chrome extension, so those that don’t use Chrome may miss out.


Sonar is a nice Amazon research tool that can be used by anyone completely free.

Anyone from individual sellers all the way up to large agencies should be able to get use out of Sonar. The Sonar database lists any and all keyword phrases that have been input into Amazon. That extreme amount of data helps you figure out how you should be marketing to your different potential customers.

This includes searches for the Kindle and e-books as well as traditional marketplace items. You can also use Sonar to translate different searches – finding keywords in different languages that will help you find pieces of the marketplace that were completely unavailable to you before.

Amazon doesn’t give out search volume, but Sonar’s algorithm is able to piece together different probabilities of visibility and can tell you exactly what keywords are important based on all of that incoming data.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a bit different from most tools on this list, but can still be used to boost your Amazon business.

Keyword Planner uses Google, not Amazon, as a basis for everything they do. However, you can get a lot of valuable search information from this tool. Every day, people look on both Google and Amazon for items that they are shopping for.

Of course, if you do any paid advertising through Google, Keyword Planner is a must – but I would still argue that Keyword Planner will help give Amazon sellers a better idea of their niche and what people’s mindset and searches are like.

Keyword Planner is a free tool from Google, and is quite easy to use with lots of data accessible right away from their 1 st page.


There are a lot of Amazon Product Research Tools online that can help you find the data that you’re looking for as an Amazon seller. It's this data that is one of the most important parts of being an Amazon seller. It's hard to compete with it out.

You cannot stay ahead of your competition without utilizing some sort of constant recon because it’s too hard to track by hand.

The paid tools that are listed here do come with more power than their free counterparts, although the free tools can be useful if you are interested in exactly what they do. They just require a bit of extra legwork to use.

Whether you’re trying to run campaigns for your business, simply view other competition, or get a good idea of individual niche margins – these Amazon tools are your best bet to becoming a more successful Amazon seller.


What are Amazon Product Research Tools?

Amazon Product Research Tools are programs that can help you be a more successful Amazon seller. These can come in a few different forms, although today most are easily accessible as a browser extension.

You can download these tools so that when you are online looking at Amazon, they will give you much more information than a normal user on their website.

Why is Amazon Product Research Important?

Amazon Product Research is important for a few different reasons. Being a seller on Amazon means that you’ve committed to a marketplace that is extremely competitive.

The most successful Amazon sellers stay on top of the small edges to create major wins for themselves. If you don’t, your many competitors could pass you up and you will start to lose sales in your products very quickly. Simply put, if your competitors are using this data, you need to be using it, too.

On the flip side, you could also be missing out on some major profit areas if you don’t stay on top of your research. Nothing would be worse than being the only seller undercutting the market by a vast number when you could have margins that would be much more healthy for your business.

What can you do with Amazon product finder tools?

Amazon Product Finder tools are powerful pieces of software that can improve your life as an Amazon seller. These tools can help you figure out exactly which of your competitors are having success and with what kind of products.

Why do you care about what other people are doing? It leads you down the path to success for your own products. You can backwards engineer what they are doing to lead to more of your own sales.

On top of that, you can also do a lot of research related to fees and pricing so that you know your business is going to generate the kind of profit that you need to be successful overall.

Amazon Web App and Chrome Extension. Which to choose?

When picking an Amazon Research Tool, it’s best to choose whatever works for you. Some people will need a bit more power and will pick a web app and the extra services that come with a complete “stand alone” system.

Others will want the convenience of a Chrome Extension because they already use Google Chrome to view Amazon, so it will be easy to download an extension and use Amazon as they normally do.

Explore the most powerful tools to kickstart & grow your Amazon FBA business