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All About the Top Selling Items on Amazon

2020, 03, 20, Friday 03:45
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How does Knowing the Products Help me as a Seller
Best Selling Products on Amazon
Thinking About the Top Selling Products- How to Play Your Cards Right
Spring Fashion and Amazon Sales
Gardening and Environment
The Great Outdoors
Home Fitness
How to Choose Top Products on Amazon
Final Thoughts

top selling items on amazon

Whether you are new to the Amazon marketplace or simply do not feel like you have reached your full potential, understanding the best-selling products can help you make a big difference on your journey. In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of the best selling items on Amazon as well as the data and analysis to back this information up.

As an Amazon seller, you will face an unimaginable amount of competition. There are millions of people who sell on the Amazon platform, and the plain hard truth of the matter is that not every one of those sellers can become a best seller on Amazon. Some of these people are going to fail, but if you want to avoid being one of those failures, you can take our advice today.

In this article, we will outline the best-selling products on Amazon as they are listed in each category as of the time of this article. We will also offer advice for determining which time of year some categories succeed over others. Finally, we will discuss the best method for determining the best selling items on Amazon.

How does Knowing the Products Help me as a Seller

Understanding the top products on the Amazon platform is beneficial for several reasons. Many Amazon sellers want to avoid their competition, but understanding what products are on the top of the list is important for your personal success on the market.

First of all, knowing which products sell well can help you determine which products you may want to sell as an Amazon seller. Of course, you also need to make sure that you can beak the top products in rank. Otherwise, customers may never see your product to ensure that you get to tap into the market that Amazon is offering you.

Another major reason that checking the Amazon marketplace for bestsellers frequently is helpful is that the markets change frequently. There is no magic formula for determining which item is going to make you the best seller on Amazon. So, keeping in touch with the Amazon market can be a great tool for making sure you make a difference in the product category you choose to sell in.

Lastly, understanding which markets are oversaturated can help you avoid selling items that are not going to get you anywhere. While certain products may be bestsellers, it may be true that there are already so many sellers in that market that there is no room for another seller or another product. Attempting to join a market like this may end up losing you money as a seller in the long run.

Best Selling Products on Amazon

Understanding which products have become the best-selling products on Amazon can be a bit complicated and overwhelming. This is why you can trust this resource to tell you about the best-selling Amazon products in each of the categories for you. However, it is important to note that Amazon updates this every hour. So, while the products we have listed below are accurate for the time of this article, these items may change or be fluent at later dates.

Toys and Games

  1. Crayola Washable Kids Paint
  2. Play Dough Modeling Clay 10 Count
  3. Jenga Classic Game

The toys and games category is wildly popular. Think about the people who are most likely to be shopping on Amazon for a moment. Children and young parents come to mind first and foremost. This is why some of the most sold items on Amazon are found within the category of Toys and Games.

With paint and playdough both being in the top selling Amazon products of the toys and games category, this suggests that arts and crafts type children products are a great choice for selling on Amazon. While there is an entire category for arts and crafts, arts and crafts products for children tend to remain in the toys and games category.


  1. Fire Stick Streaming Stick with Alexa Built In
  2. Fire Stick 4K Streaming Stick
  3. HP VH240a 23.8 Inch Full HD TV

It is no surprise that technology lands itself in the hot category area of Amazon. After all, technology is literally making out world go around right now, so some of the top Amazon products are found within this category. However, it may be important to note that the electronics category is already fairly saturated.

On that same token, the trends change extremely quickly in this category. As you can see in today’s list, the fire stick is an extremely popular item, but another day it may be an Apple product. One clear trend is that technology that is considered assistive in nature (like Alexa products or Apple technology) tend to be the most bought items on Amazon in this category.

Camera and Photo

  1. Wyze Outdoor Camera
  2. Yi Outdoor Security Camera
  3. Outdoor Security Camera

As you can see by taking a look at the screenshot provided above, the security camera is definitely one of the top selling products on Amazon. This speaks volumes of the value our culture places on security in general. We need to feel safe in our homes and that truth shines through in the top selling products on Amazon in the Camera and photo section.

Further, we no longer have a huge need for digital cameras. We now carry a really nice camera right in the palms of our hands, so we have no need to use the internet to purchase a camera. Instead, we are focused on remotely securing our homes.

Video Games

  1. Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch
  2. $10 Playstation Store Gift Card
  3. $10 Nintendo E-Shop Gift Card

The fact that there are more gift cards within the best sellers of the video game category than there are actual games says a lot about how our culture has changed in the last few years. In fact, we now download most of our video game content directly to our devices from the proper website. We no longer need to order physical games from Amazon for 99% of what we get on the internet.

So, gift cards being the most bought items on Amazon within the video games category is not really that surprising. More often than not, if you ask a teenager or even an older child what they would like for a gift, they spout out money or one of these gift cards. It makes a lot of sense for them to appear on the best seller list.

Further, Animal Crossing has long been a favorite game for the Nintendo game consoles. It is actually quite impressive that this title remains one of the top selling Amazon products for today’s new generation.


  1. ABC My First Learn to Write Book
  2. Wipe-Clean Workbook from Scholastic
  3. Paint By Sticker for Kids

The Books section of Amazon is another one that is constantly changing. Right now, there are a lot of parents who are preparing to work with children from home. So, it is not surprising that the majority of the top Amazon products for this category are geared for children.

However, on any other day you may find teenage literature, dystopian novels, or even a really famous cookbook. Another major factor that affects the books category is the overwhelming number of people who use the Kindle or another device to read electronic books.

E-readers have permanently changed the market of the books category. Children still require hands on activities like the ones shown in the pictures above. However, there are a lot of adults who use an electronic reader in lieu of buying hard copies of books.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

  1. Signature by Levi and Strauss Women’s Skinny Jeans
  2. Hanes Mens Ecosmart Sweatshirt
  3. Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirt Multipack

This is another category that can fluctuate quite frequently. However, Levi blue jeans have an excellent reputation and women have become quite proud of their skinny jean collection. It is no surprise that these fancy jeans have made the top of the list in this category.

The comfortable men’s t-shirts are frequently a top Amazon product. This is a market that may be good to consider for the new seller. However, much like any other place that someone tries to sell clothing, sometimes this market is a bit hard to break into.

Thinking About the Top Selling Products- How to Play Your Cards Right

Now that we have taken a close look at the various best-selling categories as well as the top selling item on Amazon in each of those categories, it is time to determine how this affects you as an Amazon seller.

As an Amazon seller, you may need to take into account how certain products and even categories are going to sell better at different times of the year. For example, pool products and swim wear are not traditionally known for being best sellers during the Christmas shopping season.

However, time of year actually might even have a bigger effect than just the types of products being bought for the season. Your timing as an Amazon seller must be impeccable to be able to compete with the best-selling Amazon sellers who have been dominating this market for years before you even began to start.

Take a look at each of the categories listed below and how the time of year affects sales within that category. As a seller, understanding these yearly trends gives you a huge advantage in making a boost in sales for your Amazon store.

Spring Fashion and Amazon Sales

top selling amazon products

Apparently spring cleaning now comes with ushering in an entire new wardrobe of the current year’s fashion trends. In the fashion world, the spring has always been a time when new styles and trends were ushered out into fashion shows for the elite to ooh and ah over. However, only since the invention of a handheld internet has the rest of the world began to catch onto the spring wardrobe shopping spree.

This is good news for the sellers within the fashion industry who find themselves looking to boost sales on Amazon. Understanding that fashion is one of the top selling Amazon products in quarter 2 can help you make sure you have exactly what your customers are looking for when they begin browsing the Amazon platform.

Even more shocking is that Amazon has actually begun hosting their very own fashion shows during the spring season. A lot of these shows are held in countries around the world and this is essentially free traffic being driven to search the Amazon site for the latest trends. You should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Retail stores around the world also host a ton of sales in the fashion areas during the spring. This actually leads to Amazon sellers attempting to make a profit on the bargain buys they were able to catch in the store. If your product ranks high enough, you will get a lot of eyes on your items when the traffic upticks from this resale phenomenon.

Fashion is one of the top selling products on Amazon in quarter 2. Do not lose this opportunity if you are a new seller to the Amazon platform.

Gardening and Environment

It is not surprising that quarter two also bring a huge boost in sales to products that relate to outdoor gardening. After a long and cold winter, many consumers begin to look forward to the bloom and sun that the spring time brings.

A lot of customers who are interested in gardening will pick up items from their local nurseries or box stores. This is because they likely go to these stores to pick out the flowers and plants that you will include in your yard.

So, for the Amazon seller, it is a good idea to focus on small items that consumers may forget to pick up while shopping for their spring items. You may also consider stocking items that local stores are not likely to have a large selection of. Consider selling pruning scissors, garden hoses, and gloves. Any small item that is likely to be looked for online rather than in the store.

The Great Outdoors

Yet again, quarter 2 brings about a huge uptick in search terms for top selling items on Amazon that relate to the outdoors. Many of these items have been longed for all winter long, especially by those who enjoy the summer months more than the holidays that come with winter.

During this quarter, you will see a spike in items that relate to the outdoors. This goes beyond gardening; this category relates more to backyard barbecues and pool parties. You may see a boost in:

  • Yard Furniture
  • Yard Games
  • Barbeque Tools

More expensive items, although far more likely to bring a huge profit per sale, are far less likely to sale in bulk. Remember, many consumers like to be able to see a larger item like a grill in person. For the Amazon seller, posting on Amazon within the $10-$50 price range is your best bet for making a splash in the most bought items on Amazon.

Here is a list of items that you may consider within this price range for your Amazon store:

  • Lawn Furniture (Like folding tables or chairs)
  • Camping Supplies
  • Barbecue supplies
  • Yard Toys and Games

Home Fitness

most sold items on amazon

The home fitness trend actually begins to pick up in quarter 1 on Amazon. Think about all of the people who have just made new year’s resolutions to lose all of their holiday weight and get that summer body by spring. The trend actually remains up, though, because all of the people who did not think about their summer bodies at new year’s time are thinking of them as spring approaches.

The vast majority of people who tend to purchase home fitness equipment tend to be looking for a quick turnaround on their new beach body. They are not looking for serious home fitness equipment (although those products have their place too). Rather, these consumers tend to be looking for quick solutions at an affordable price.

If you are considering selling these types of products on Amazon you may consider the following list:

  • Jump Ropes
  • Yoga Mats
  • Small Weight Sets
  • Home exercise machines

How to Choose Top Products on Amazon

Until this point, we have been looking at current trends and assumptions based on the past. However, we can still look at the potential for sales in 2020 as a great way to make decisions about your Amazon store.

It is important to remember that no one has a crystal ball and none of us will ever truly know what products are going to be able to be top selling products on Amazon. However, using all of the information we currently know about Amazon’s history and its current trends, we can make some pretty smart guesses about the products that will be popular.

Consider What is Popular

Consider the current trends that you see when you are scrolling through your social media. For example, many people are buzzing about their weekly meal prep. Weekly meal prep goes along with the quarter 1 trend that we looked at in the previous section of health and fitness. So, an Amazon seller might could guess that meal prep containers would be a nice bet for a top selling product on Amazon.

Use Software

If you are going to truly compete with the other sellers on Amazon, then you need to consider investing in a software that will cut a lot of the hard work out for you. Using a software, like the IO Scout Tool, can really help you make a big difference in understanding which products are going to sell best on Amazon.

Instead of digging through Amazon as we have done in this article and spending hours of time looking at data and doing research, you can use this software to help you make a big difference in your product sales. Specifically, IO Scout Tool will analyze the history and trends of various categories on Amazon. This allows you to understand the products you may want to sell from a historical and potential standpoint.

If your competitors are using software like this, you need to be too. Otherwise, you'll be left in the dust.

Consider Prices

Hopefully as a potential Amazon seller you are at least sort of aware of the cost that stocking and selling a product might mean for you as a seller. However, you also need to consider how much your product is going to cost consumers. Traditionally, products that are listed between $10 and $20 have the most potential for becoming best sellers on the Amazon platform. This does not mean that more expensive products cannot make it in the big time, but you need to consider all of the possibilities before you make your decisions.

Consider the Category

As we have already discovered, some categories sell better than others. This also fluctuates between various time periods. If you are interested in selling home goods, for example, then quarter 3 is a good time to begin listing decorations that go along with the Christmas holiday. Easter decorations, however, should be saved for quarter 2.

Along those same lines, an Amazon seller who primarily sells outdoor products is going to need to expect a general downtick in sales during the winter months. However, that seller may consider stocking products that will at least interest the Christmas shoppers as a potential gift for the outdoor lovers in their family.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a top selling item on Amazon is a bit overwhelming when you first begin to think about it. However, there are a lot of tips and tricks that you can learn just by doing your research on the Amazon platform. You may also consider using a software, like IO Scout Tool, to boost your understanding of the Amazon market at any given time. It will also give you loads of information that will help you become a more successful seller on Amazon. Don't let your competitor's get ahead of you by using the same programs you could be using!

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