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Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Associates

2020, 04, 30, Thursday 07:28
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What is the Amazon Associates Program?
How Much does an Amazon Affiliate Make?
How to Promote Amazon Products
How to Choose Products to Promote  
What type of Content to Write

The Amazon Associates is the Amazon affiliate program that gives a great opportunity to monetize your blog. It is very easy to sign up, get approved and place Amazon affiliate links on your site.

When your reader purchases something from Amazon via one of your links, you earn a commission – it is as simple as that.

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to become an Amazon affiliate and to get you started with the Amazon Associate program. Whether you are just starting your own business or you have a side hustle, we hope this guide will help you increase your earnings.

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What is the Amazon Associates Program?

The Amazon Associates program is an Amazon affiliate marketing program targeted at bloggers and website owners. They advertise Amazon products on their sites by sharing links. When customers click the links and buy products, the website owner earns a referral fee.

How Much does an Amazon Affiliate Make?

Amazon will give a percentage of each item purchased through the affiliate link. A user can buy any product within 24 hours via the affiliate link and you will receive a commission for the sale.

The important part is to send targeted visitors to Amazon and get a commission for their purchases. Your earnings will be determines by the number of people who click on the link and buy a product. These figures depend on the traffic to the website and the promoted products.

How to Promote Amazon Products

The Amazon affiliate program provides a variety of ways to generate links. There are three main ways to advertise on your website: banners, text links and native shopping ads.


Using a banner ad is one of the easiest ways to get a link on your website. However, it is probably not the most efficient way to sell.

Text links

This is the most efficient way to refer a visitor to Amazon. Just insert a text link within the website or blog content. According to famous bloggers 99% of the conversions come from these text links.

Native Shopping Ads

Although they look great, the native ads don’t convert that well compared to text links. The reason for this is that they look like an ad that’s why they get fewer clicks.

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How to Choose Products to Promote  

Nowadays people are buying just about everything on Amazon. On the site you should be able to find a selection of different products whatever your niche is.

The first step is to check the Best Seller page where you can pick products based on categories that are relevant to your website. Always choose products that are closely related to the site niche.

When looking at the prices you should go for the mid-range. Items with lower price are much easier to sell but the commission is low too. More expensive products will earn you better fees, but are harder to sell. So, the best way to go here is to choose items that cost between $50 and $200. The products will be easier to sell and the commissions will be good. It is important to choose high quality items to promote. The ratings and reviews will give you an idea of which products are worth it.

What type of Content to Write

You already know how to choose the products to promote; let’s look at the type of content you should write that will attract targeted visitors. Below we will suggest several types of articles that will work best for Affiliate Marketing Amazon.


Product reviews are very popular and perfect for promoting on Amazon. You can choose any product within a given category and write a product review. 

Writing a good review is the right way to get high click through rates and sell items. Unboxing has become extremely popular online and people love reading very detailed reviews. And the best part is that there is no limit to how many product reviews you can write, your entire site may be dedicated to this.

The Best Products

People always want to buy the most high-quality products on the market. They are happy to pay more but to get the best products. This type of content usually attracts a lot of traffic, especially if you can rank it high. According to some bloggers this is the content that brings the most conversions.

Products comparison

With such a huge variety of products available on the market it is not always easy to choose the products you want to buy. People need to read reviews, compare products and get informed before they decide to purchase. If you write accurate product recommendations and reviews visitors will buy from you.

Sales and promotions

Most products on Amazon are discounted. Keep an eye on these sales because the products can be a great offer to your readership.


If you want to become an Amazon Affiliate these are the things you need to know and the steps you need to take. We hope this short guide will help you understand more about the Amazon Associates program and start making the most of its functionality and features.

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