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AMZScout Guide for Amazon Sellers

2020, 02, 25, Tuesday 06:36
Home Reviews AMZScout Guide for Amazon Sellers
The Importance of Product Research Tools
AMZ Scout Review
AMZ Scout Chrome Extension vs. Web App
Main Features
AMZ Scout Pricing
AMZ Scout Add-ons

amzscout extension

It's interesting to sell on Amazon. Amazon sellers reach millions of customers worldwide, reaching customers from all corners of the globe. Other than the customers, Amazon also attracts millions of sellers globally. This means that the competition level is high. You must be creative with the services you offer or items you sell. At the same time, you must look for software packages to help you enjoy competitive advantage.

Luckily, there are many commercial tools available for Amazon sellers for performing product research. These tools help sellers gain insights on what to sell and assist them improvise the best strategies to ensure they make best sales. The tools also provide ways of optimizing the improvised strategies. Sellers can gain a better understanding of the Amazon platform by tracking items and learning metrics applicable for measuring success.

When sellers leverage product research tools, they can make good sales on Amazon, and continue making sound decisions concerning your Amazon business strategy. AMZScout is an example of such a tool.

Of course, AMZ Scout is not the only Amazon tool out there on the market today. Another tool worth checking out is IO Scout Amazon FBA Tools , offering the same set of functions as other tools, but with one big difference: Personal Assistant. There is no need to watch endless webinars to find solutions to your questions; IO Scout's Personal Assistant function answers them for you.

The Importance of Product Research Tools

Millions of sellers join Amazon yearly to sell their items. Countless others are looking for ways to sell their items online. Also, people need different items. Convenience is a great factor to shoppers. It will never get more convenient than ordering items online and having them delivered to your doorstep. That's how Amazon operates.

It's true there are many sellers selling their items on Amazon. However, of all these sellers, only a few manage to make sustainable income on the platform and grow their business on Amazon marketplace. Amazon marketplace becomes saturated daily. This means more effort is needed to ensure you make new sales. Most sellers are not ready to take an extra step to attract new customers or retain current ones. This leaves many sellers making stagnant sales figure.

There are many sellers selling similar item as yours on Amazon. To stand out, you must have more information that your rivals. This information is only obtained using software tools like AMZScout. Your item may be too similar to that of your competitors, but it's still possible for you to make it to bestsellers rank. You only need to leverage information and insights returned by tools like AMZScout.

Competition on Amazon and other online shopping sites is increasing each day. To stay different from other sellers, you must conduct product research and put the findings into action. This will distinguish you from your competitors. If you gain more information than your competitors, you will strategize ways of luring millions of customers visiting Amazon to purchase your product.

AMZ Scout Review

AMZScout is a tool that provides its users with additional information on Amazon. If you need to get information about an item, use AMZScout. Other than giving sellers insights about items, AMScout helps sellers know the amount of profits they can expect from selling a particular item, telling the seller how running their business on Amazon will look like.

AMZScout gives sellers access to historical price data and how different items have changed their rank on the Amazon marketplace. The goal of these tools is to help Amazon sellers make more sales. They play a great role in helping the sellers to determine quality of their item listings, making it possible to estimate amount of sales they can make monthly.

AMZScout helps Amazon sellers gain insights about their Amazon businesses. It helps sellers get insights about FBA fees to be paid for selling particular items and ratings about items.

AMZ Scout Chrome Extension vs. Web App

There are two ways of using AMZScout:

  • As a web application
  • As a Chrome extension.

Both ways can help you gain useful insights about your Amazon business, increase your sales figure then generate more revenue.

The amzscout chrome extension gives sellers real-time data and offers them with basic functionality. however, the web application is a bit comprehensive and offers many features than the chrome extension. These functionalities are difficult to find in other tools.

With the web application, you don't have to open the Amazon website in order to use it. With the amzscout chrome extension, you open the item's Amazon page. It then gives the seller details about that item. The web app has the technology to give it access to the information that you need from Amazon. However, this doesn't make the amzscout chrome extension any less efficient. Actually, it's simpler to use because you don't have to leave your browser tab to open another tab or app. It returns item's details right from the item's Amazon page.

The amzscout extension offers its users with real-time amzscout fba calculator. With this, they can tell amount of FBA fees they will pay for selling a particular item. Remember this data is shown right from the item's Amazon page. Sellers can conduct niche-specific searches right from seller's page. It helps sellers understand how to optimize their businesses using functionalities like Get Niche Idea.

When combined with additional features like Product Score and Potential Score, the sellers are able to make sound decisions to expand their Amazon businesses. This means the amazscout extension is very useful. However, it is only usable on Chrome web browser.

However, the web application does not have such limitations. You can use it on any web browser. With the web application, you can access and use all features provided by the chrome extension. In addition to that, it allows sellers to track up to 80 items to see how their numbers fluctuate.

The web application also provides a keyboard explorer for search volume then use insights and data for expanding the range of items available in your Amazon store.

Main Features

Let's discuss the main features of AMZScout:

AMZ Scout Product Searches

This amzscout helps sellers know the items that attract most demand on Amazon. To increase sellers' convenience, amzscout allows users to get details based on day, week, month or even year. With amzscout, sellers can know how searches for items changes during holiday seasons. They can also get latest trends for product searches on the platform. This helps them get better results for sound decisions.

amzscout fba calculator

The amzscout has a product database. This database is filled with data about millions of items being sold on Amazon. These items are put into various categories. If you are interested in selling an item, you can get detailed information from this database. This will help you plan well for improved sales.

The product search tool provides information that is more detailed. This information features numerous metrics regarding each item. Such metrics helps sellers know how the item has performed over time. With such information, you can predict the performance of the item in the future, helping you know whether it's a viable investment or not.

AMZScout gives sellers the total results and average monthly sales, price, sales rank, margin and total reviews. This helps the seller know the kind of performance that they can attain. AMZScout shows the potential score of each item, giving them a better view of the Amazon marketplace. They also know the best item to focus on in order to build a lucrative Amazon business.

AMZScout Estimated Sales

The amzscout estimated sales feature is useful to sellers. Amazon features a huge data stored in a database. The estimated sales feature helps sellers know the amount of sales they can make for an item over a certain duration of time. This will tell you whether you should consider selling that item or not. Again, you will know how much benefits you will reap from selling that item on Amazon. This will prepare you to plan your budget well.

 amzscout chrome extension

The estimated sales feature can give information for a wide variety of items. With the tool, one can get information for more than 30 item categories. This way, chances of choosing the right item to sell are high. At the same time, the returned results are of high degree of accuracy. When leveraged, the seller gets a way of improving their sales.

The estimated sales feature is a simple tool, making it usable by users just beginning to sell on Amazon. Other than that, the tool is user-friendly, making it simple for use by those with little or no technical experience. Some users find it difficult to follow the process of estimating sales with AMZScout. However, this tool has made this process simple and straightforward.

After AMZScout has checked the rank of item in different categories, it goes ahead to track the level of inventory for the item. This tells the seller when there is enough stock ad when the stock is diminishing. The item will stay in stock and the seller will never miss to make sales. The information is also leveraged to know the popularity of the item among different audiences at different times.

AMZScout FBA Calculator

FBA sellers should understand the FBA fees to pay for their items. Sellers who don't know how to calculate FBA fees end up losing money on Amazon and running unprofitable FBA investments. Knowing FBA fees is key to understanding profitability on Amazon. The amzscout fba calculator helps sellers understand amount of fees to pay for their items. With such information, it's easy for sellers to determine their profitability on Amazon. This leaves them with clear picture on how their finances will work.

amz scout pro

The tool gives users detailed information regarding the weight and size of the item. This is good for sellers to prepare for shipping costs. In addition, the tool helps sellers know the amount of commission they will pay for selling on Amazon. This will help the sellers prepare for their budget.

Such information is very useful to sellers. It will help them know the best item to sell on Amazon in terms of profitability. The item chosen will depend on the amount of income a seller wants to earn. In most cases, sellers have set their minimum amount of expected income. If an item won't return more than that, the seller goes for another item. This information can be obtained using the amzscout fba calculator.

All Amazon marketplaces don't return similar amount of sales. You can different amounts of revenue from selling on different Amazon marketplaces. The amzscout fba calculator shows the countries from which you can make many sales and generate more revenue. Knowing such countries means that the seller will target them and generate more revenue from sales.

AMZScout Product Tracker

Amazon attracts millions of sellers from all over the world. New sellers also join the platform daily. These sellers sell different types of items on the platform. You will not be the only one selling that type of item on Amazon. You will find thousands of sellers selling similar item as yours. This means that you have to do something to stay ahead of your competitors. It's the only way to make your item relevant on Amazon. The AMScout tool understand this.

amzscout pro

It comes with a product tracker that helps sellers track their items and the sales their competitors make. When a seller understand the amount of sales their competitors make, it helps them know the best niches to venture into.

The amzscout product track gives deep insights about competitors. A seller can know the strategies used by competitors to make sales. Knowing such strategies will help the seller incorporate the same into their Amazon business to make more sales.

After getting information about competitors, sellers can do what it takes to attract customers from their competitors to their own items. They can craft new strategies and give incentives to shoppers as a way of attracting them to purchase their items.

This tool can help sellers know the levels of inventory for their competitor items. This can help the seller take advantage of some situations to make more sales. When a seller realizes that the competitor's inventory will be low, or the competitor's item will be completely out of stock on a particular day, the seller can come up with a strategy that help them sell more on that day.

With this tracker, a seller can know the tricks used by competitors to rank high on Amazon. It shows the keywords competitors are using for ranking on Amazon. You can then use those keywords in your item's title, description etc. to take advantage over your competitors. Your item will be more visible to Amazon shoppers. This increases its chances of being purchased by many shoppers, and you will generate more revenue.

The tool shows the highly ranking keywords for a particular item. This gives sellers a chance to optimize the descriptions of their Amazon item's listings to increase their chances of being spotted.

The tool gives a graph that shows how the searches for a particular keyword have fluctuated over time. This will give you enough insights when choosing the right keywords to use for your item to record more sales and generate more revenue.

Supplier Information

There are many sellers on Amazon selling different versions of the same item. What makes a seller standout is the quality of their item. Today, Amazon buyers are very cautious on the type of item that they purchase. They are only interested in purchasing high quality items. Selling such items will make sure that you attract more sales.

Initially, it was difficult to get information about suppliers. However, with tools like amzscout, this has changed. You first need to understand the niche to venture into. After that, determine the best item within the niche to sell on Amazon. The supplier information feature provides sellers with information about various suppliers from which they can order items. The seller can evaluate different suppliers and choose the best one based on various factors like ability to bargain. Your goal should be to get a supplier who can supplier the item at the cheapest price. This means you will earn huge profits when you sell the item on Amazon.

Amzscout does not simply provide you with basic information about suppliers. You will see reviews from different sellers. This will tell you whether a supplier is reliable or not and whether their items are quality or not. This will increase chances of you landing the best supplier on the platform. You have the opportunity of contacting the supplier you like directly using the tool. Once you have create good rapport with the supplier, you will get item supplier regularly and at good price.

AMZ Scout Pricing

The price for AMZScout depends on the features that you choose to use. You need to understand the various amzscout pricing plans and choose the best one. Some packages work best for some sellers but they don't work for others. You have to determine the best package for you and use it.


If you are an Amazon beginner and you're not sure about the item you need to sell, you can begin with the monthly plan. This plan costs only $44.99 monthly.

The plan offers its users with complete functionality and many features that the tool is well-known for. This makes it an ideal plan for any seller who needs to try the tool and know whether it's the best one to offer them with their Amazon needs.

The other two plans, the annual and lifetime plan are a bit economical, going for $149 and $399 respectively. The Amazon sellers use AMZScout product research tools to research items daily. Due to this, there is an amzscout free trial that runs for 7 days. This makes sellers get used to the tool before they can make a purchase.

The AMZScout's web application also provides sellers with different packages. They are three namely:

  • Basic
  • Start
  • Business.


They all differ in terms of available features. Sellers should choose the right one based on features they need for their Amazon businesses. Just like the amzscout pro, amzscout's web app comes with free trials for sellers who need to try it before making a commitment.

AMZ Scout Add-ons

AMZScout comes with many free downloadable add-ons. The Amazon Stock Level Spy add-on gives sellers much visibility about inventory levels of their competitors. The Amazon Smart shopper add-on helps sellers and buyers compare the price of an item on Amazon with the price of the same item on eBay.


Amazon is a great e-commerce platform. Currently, it can be considered the number one online shopping site. Millions of buyers visit Amazon to look for items of choice. Amazon has changed the way customers purchase items. Customers order items from the comfort of their homes and get them delivered at their doorsteps. It has made shopping much easier.

Millions of sellers meet on Amazon to sell various items. These sellers are from all corners of the globe. If you decide to sell an item on Amazon, you meet thousands of other sellers selling the same item as yours. This means there is a great competition on the platform. For you to standout on the platform, you have to do things right and different from your competitors. This should be the case right from the time of researching the item to sell, ordering for the item, listing it on Amazon, selling it and shipping to consumer. The use of software tools to automate these processes will help you as a seller deliver high quality services to your customers.

Software tools will ensure that you do things right and more efficiently. AMZScout is an example of such a tool. It helps sellers identify the right items to sell on Amazon. It has a huge database with data about various Amazon items. It analyzes this data to tell sellers about the best items to sell on Amazon. This is key as the type of item a seller chooses to sell determines whether they will succeed or fail as Amazon sellers. The tool is good for keyword research, helping sellers identify the right keywords to use when listing items. Right keywords will ensure the item is more visible, attracting more sales from customers.

AMZScout helps sellers track the behavior of their Amazon competitors. They can do what their competitors don't do to gain an advantage over them. AMZScout is a must have tool for Amazon sellers.

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