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Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

2020, 02, 18, Tuesday 04:34
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What's an Amazon Chrome Extension?
Chrome Extensions for FBA sellers

The use of technology has seen people succeed online as sellers. Without using technology, achieving success and high productivity can be a nightmare. Amazon is a very competitive platform. Each Amazon seller must know the available tools and extensions that are available for them. This will make them shine and stay ahead of their competitors. An amazon chrome extension is a good example.

Being an FBA seller means that Amazon prepares your items once you have shipped them to their warehouses. You've time to think about how to expand your business. In this article, we'll discuss various chrome amazon extensions that you need to start, run and grow your Amazon business. You'll know much about each extension, including what it's used for and how to use it as an Amazon seller.

What's an Amazon Chrome Extension?

An amazon chrome extension's a plugin for web browser. It serves the following tasks for FBA sellers:

  • Helps discover profitable FBA items.
  • Helps identify right keywords to use for items.
  • Helps FBA sellers know performance of competitors.
  • Helps discover new opportunities for improved product listing.

Some extensions act as price trackers for Amazon items. You get alerts regarding price drops, shows price history graphs, tracks shipping costs and tracks your items and those of competitors. Extensions speed up product research, gives ASIN numbers quickly and calculate FBA profits quickly.

Extensions are good for item research. They give insights about items to evaluate various niches. Sellers compare demand and the potential sales to know viability of item. Sellers can know quality of item listing and get recommendations on ways to imrpove the listing. Extensions estimate competition from available sellers for an item.

Every seller needs knowing potential profit before selling item. With extensions, you'll tell item's profitability right from its Amazon page. This'll help you choose right price range for item, knowing minimum/maximum acceptable price for item. This ensures seller runs profitable Amazon business. You choose optimal price for item and fulfillment modes. You do these without leaving your browser to open another app. This saves time. Also, accomplishing tasks becomes easier.

Amazon chrome extensions helps you monitor your rivals. You track competing items while browsing Amazon. Track your competitors to know their tricks. With extensions, you learn keywords your competitors, then use them to improve your item's rank. You'll be notified of new strategies they employ through customizable alerts. Extensions analyze items' listing by competitors to know their strengths/weaknesses. You then put them into consideration to create good items listing.

Chrome Extensions for FBA sellers

There're different extensions available for you as an Amazon seller. Let's discuss them:

Junglescout Chrome Extension

amazon extension for chrome

As Amazon seller, you must know how well your niche can perform. The junglescout chrome extension amazon tells how profitable a niche is. It shows estimated sales for an item in a spreadsheet.

The Junglescout extension also shows average best seller rank (BSR), average price, opportunity pro for an item, seller details and total reviews per item.

This plugin comes in two versions, the Lite and the Pro versions. They also have a web app. It's paid versions begin from $97.

However, Junglescout's suitable for experienced Amazon sellers.


chrome extension amazon

 Every Amazon should track their items and competitors' items. Keep can do it. It shows detailed historical price charts for Amazon items. It can track any FBA item and notify you of a price drop. Junglescout compares international prices.

After installing it on your browser, it'll show price history chart immediately you open item's Amazon page. Junglescout supports various locations, making it the best price tracker for your FBA items.

 Keep's a very famous amazon chrome extension. It can show the current tag of selling value for any item listed on Amazon. It allows for examination of any item, promoting faster decision making. Keepa's free. The only challenge's Keepa doesn't track shipping costs.

Although it's free, in-app purchases're offered. Keepa's usable without registration. It's good for seller needing to track own items and competitors' items.

Helium 10

In Amazon, keywords're key. Failure to use right keywords's a mistake. Helium 10 helps find right keywords for Amazon items. It offers these features:

  • Item research.
  • Tracking, listing keywords.
  • Building and optimizing item listing.
  • Analyzing competitors

Helium 10 comes in different versions offering different features. You choose best version based on needed features.

chrome amazon extension

Amazon customers use search terms to find items. Helium 10 helps you find and rank such terms. Using such terms in your item'll improve its rank. Helium 10 allows spying of competitors to know their behavior. This'll help you plan your Amazon business well to stay ahead of competitors. It's suitable for experienced Amazon sellers who'll want to make large figures.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Every Amazon seller must have it. It's good for researching most profitable Amazon items. This'll tell you the item to sell and give most profitable FBA items.

It helps understand market better from monthly and yearly sales, and trends. Costs and profits are determinable using its in-built calculator.

Viral launch comes in 4 versions. They allow monthly/yearly subscriptions. Each annual subscription has 2 free months.


Sonar's a keyword search tool. It tracks what users search for on Amazon and stores the search terms in database. After accessing it's database, you get all keywords for your item. You then use them as item's keywords to improve rank.

Sellics helps track profit. It's good for increasing traffic and running PPC campaigns on Amazon. It's three editions. Choose one with features meeting your requirements. They include Seller, Vendor and Agency editions.


AMZscout helps find profitable niche on amazon. It helps determine most profitable items for Amazon. It's usable in 1o countries. This amazon extension for chrome offer these features:

  • Sales estimation.
  • Estimating revenue.
  • Analyzing listing quality.
  • Getting price and rank details.
  • Viewing latest trends.
  • Exporting data to excel.

AMZscout can be tried for free. After trial period, choose monthly, yearly or a lifetime plan.

After installing its chrome extension, you'll get monthly sales/profits for an item and its BSR without visiting its web page. It works by accumulating computer data. It gives real-time data about sales, costs and profits.

IO Scout

IO Scout's platform offers sound Amazon Chrome Extension features, to enable you to work smarter with ease, and save time. You have the ability to retrieve information on products, whilst simultaneously performing other actions. Available on Google Chrome .

search amazon chrome extension

Scope-Seller Labs

This amazon extension for chrome helps discover profitable items for Amazon. It's good for determining best keywords for items to help drive more sales. It helps expand inventory.

With Scope, you identify specific keywords to improve the ranking of item. This improves its search position on Amazon. If it appears on top upon search, it's high chances of making many sales. It gives highest ranked keywords for all items. Using such keywords in item means best ranking, hence, more sales.

With Scope, you research about competitors. This's possible by doing reverse ASIN search. It shows sales made by competitors. This helps you plan your sales well to compete well. Without researching competitor behavior, you compete blindly, putting you in disadvantaged position.

Scope's good for item analysis. It tells possible profit from an item by analyzing its fee, costs and sales estimates to know whether it's viable. It uses categories, reviews, star rating, number of sellers and rank to narrow down the search for an item to sell.

Scope's good for organizing data. It helps track performance of search rank for keyword or item.

Alibaba-Source Now

This chrome extension sources and captures the items you like in single click. It's easy to use when browsing an -e-commerce site. Watch trending item's videos and chat with other sellers. You can identify items to source from Alibaba. Note Alibaba relies on image recognition algorithm.


Use Grammarly's chrome extension to generate grammar-free content. Grammarly's been designed to help improve writing skills on Google docs. It comes in two versions, one paid and another free. The free version's basic features like spell checking, grammar checking etc. The paid version has all basic features and additional features like plagiarism check.

Use Grammarly to create error-free content for your item.

AMZ Seller Browser

Amz Seller shows item's listing information on search result pages. It gets the rank and price history of an item from Camelizer and shows it in quick view.

amazon seller chrome extension

You need to know whether Amazon's selling an item or not. Amz Seller browser will show this. It's usable in various countries. It shows total FBA sellers on the listing. It helps research Amazon items quickly. It gives record and item's standing.

It tells any seller intending to sell any item you're interested in. It's free.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn smarsher helps do accurate research about item. It shows bestseller ranks, prices, ratings, reviews and estimated sales. You choose best item to move you to best sellers.

Unicorn smarsher shows item's reviews and ratings. This tells customers' perception towards item. Estimated item sales're also shown. It helps secure great deal before starting selling on Amazon.

Amazon Publisher Studio Extension Beta

It helps sell items via site images by adding a "shop now" icon to the image. It's good for linking text quickly. It shows pop-up search box, facilitating easy linking. It's good for Amazon associates.

Sellerboard Calculator

If selling physical items on FBA, determining profitability's key. This's important before/after item launch. Before item launch, research'll help determine its potential. This involves considering items costs and FBA costs to know profitability.

The Sellerboard calculator'll help determine item's profitability before launch. It shows expected profits to earn from item. You decide whether item's worth investing or not.

DS Amazon Quick View

It comes with free and paid versions. The paid version's tech support. The free version doesn't. If you need tech support, choose paid version.

After hovering item's image on Amazon, it shows its details. Seller information and item's ranking're also shown per page. It help sellers keep watching their competitors.

It shows both BSR and price history of item on search page. Full item's details're shown upon search.

amazon extension for chrome

It helps get high-level information about items while researching your item. It's free and beginners use with ease. It's complimentary and a superior edition. FBA vendors view advice


This amazon seller chrome extension shows item's price chart after opening item's Amazon page. The extension must be activated to work. Camelizer helps tracks item's behavior. You simply set it on item and Camelizer notifies you anytime item's price changes. No costs or in-app purchases to use this extension.

amazon chrome extension

Simply, open item's price page and click Camelizer's icon. Price charts'll be displayed. It shows item's price movements over time. With Camelizer, you simply setup alerts and watch fluctuations in item's behavior. While watching competitor's price movements, you can adjust your item prices accordingly.

Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

It's a free chrome extension. However, it has premium version for sellers needing additional functions. It helps in identifying right keywords to use for item.

Keywords affect popularity of Amazon items. More popular items appear first upon search. These have high chances if being purchased. Such items make more sales.

After learning right keywords, use them in item's title and its description. It'll show first upon search by customers.


It's an extension to help you identify first item and launch it. It helps sellers discover item ideas and explore new opportunities. You also validate item ideas before launching them. You then stay ahead of competitors.

Simply install amazeown and visit item's page on amazon. Click extension's button and some window'll popup.

Amazon Chrome Extension

It shows potential items and tracked items. Once you click Save button, the item'll be saved. It shows insights about item from its BSR and logo.

Amazon Assistant for Chrome

It's an original extension from Amazon. It's for buyers, not sellers. it helps buyers discover new items. Customer like comparing items' prices before purchase. This's the right tool for this. It shows how different items' prices compare to choose the best.

As Amazon seller, you discover trending deals. There're deals each day on Amazon. This extension shows such deals. You learn how works, and learn effective deals. It helps you learn when/how to run deals on FBA.

FBA Calculator

It gives much details in second. Every FBA seller must know FBA fees. This include fees types and amounts. It'll prevent losing money and running unprofitable Amazon businesses. The FBA calculator shows this.

It shows various fees to pay for item and amounts. This lets you know amount to expect as profit for item.

amazon chrome extension

FBA calculator gives sales volumes. This'll prepare you learn sales to expect from item. You'll earn right profit and prepare budget well. Simply install and click Run button. It'll ask for data like costs, price etc. Provide it. You'll get expected profitability.

You get item's details without leaving web browser. This's because you've installed its Chrome extension, saving time.


It's a chrome extension that shows all links an Amazon page has. To use, type advanced Google search operator for an item you like. It'll show number of links a page has.

To know number of links your competitor's page has, use MozBar. Identify affiliate publications and websites that link to competitors. It's a tool for link analysis. Ask the websites to link to you too. This boosts Amazon businesses, taking investment to next level. As Amazon seller, use it and stay ahead of competitors.

Meta SEO Inspector

This amazon extension for chrome deals with SEO. You click it while on item's Amazon page. It returns useful information about the page. Example, paragraph structure. This'll give you ideas to optimize pages of your items. It's free and simple tool.

Amazon Discount Finder

This extension helps find discounted Amazon items. It allows filtering items using different criteria, example, country. For beginners, use it to find items with discounts of 90% and above. It'll let you discover nice deals for FBA business.

Saving money's good for each seller. You can purchase items at lower price and resell at higher prices. You'll earn profits. This extension'll help you identify such deals.

Data Scrapper

Sometimes, extracting competitors' data from amazon's a nightmare. Data scrapper'll help. It helps sellers extract competitive questions/answers about items. These'll help you refine your Amazon strategy.

With right strategy, there're high chances of succeeding on Amazon. Each seller wants a successful Amazon investment. Data scrapper supports this.

Simply create new recipe, then adjust it based on your needs.

chrome amazon extension

At first, process seems difficult. However, it becomes easy with time. Try data scrapper ow and boost your Amazon business.


This chrome extension helps organize and manage other chrome extensions. You simply clicks apps you need enabled every time. See it as mechanism for tuning on/off other chrome extensions. You simply click the extension and it'll be turned on or off. This depends on current status of the extension.

If you've installed many chrome extensions for FBA business, use Extensity to manage them. Turn on those to be used. turn off those not to be used. This makes Extensity the first extension to install before any extension. It'll make your experience smooth and provide easy way to use chrome extensions.


This's the right extension if you need faster item search. It'll help you find profitable items to sell on FBA. You simply get ASIN and description of item.

It's a free extension coming with great features. It's internal search mechanism for Amazon items. It can search for items from other e-commerce sites. It determines profits quickly. With single click, you get historical information about item's price.

When starting, pick one extension and use it. During this time, test other extensions to see how they work. With time, you'll know the right chrome extension for your business. Only use extensions helping drive your Amazon business forward.

Also, some're free, other paid. Your budget'll determine your choice. Some're completely free, while others come with free and paid versions. You can begin with free versions and advance to paid versions with time. Extension features should determine your selection of extension.

Some extensions're simple start, other're good for experienced Amazon sellers. If you're an experienced seller, choose advanced extensions. If you're a beginner, start with basic ones. You can advance after time.

When selling, don't ignore keywords. Use chrome extensions to know right keywords for your items. This'll make your item more discoverable. Profitable keywords'll attract many buyers. Get keyword suggestions suitable for your item listing and improve sales.


An Amazon fba chrome extension can help sellers promote Amazon businesses. There're various ways to promote Amazon businesses. First, sellers should use right keywords for items. Using right keywords improves item's visibility. When visible, many buyers see it. This improves chances of it being purchased. This means more sales. Extensions help sellers discover right keywords for item. This's done based on search terms used by buyers. Most extensions store these in databases. They then pull them when you looking for keywords.

Item's price determines its sales. You must set an optimal price for item. Knowing prices of same item by your competitors's essential. It'll help you set right price for item. Chrome extensions're good for this. They can tell the right price range for item. This means knowing minimum/maximum item's price to run sustainable/profitable Amazon business. Extensions monitor competitors' behavior. They alert you when competitors' change their items' price. You then adjust your item's price to compete effectively.

Chrome extensions're installed on browsers. Some show item's details immediately you visit item's page on Amazon. You're not required to leave browser and open another app. Details're shown there, saving time. It gives you smooth experience when using Amazon.

There're different chrome extensions available to sellers. Some're free others paid. Budget'll determine the extension you choose. Beginners can choose free ones. Normally, these offer basic features. Experienced Amazon sellers can use paid extensions. These normally offer advanced features. Some extensions come with different versions. These differ in features and prices. Versions with basic features are free or charge less fees. Those with advanced features charge higher fees. Begin with basic versions ad move to advanced versions. Most paid extensions have trial versions. Start with these, checking various features to see how they work. If you like them, pay to continue using extension. Chrome extensions improve seller's experience.

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