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2020, 02, 14, Friday 02:53
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What is Amazon Review Checker?
How Does Amazon Review Checker Work?
Best Amazon Review Checkers
Fake Review Spotter
How to Check Amazon Reviews
Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Review Checker
What if you find a Fake Amazon Review?
Videos about Amazon Review Checker
Should Buyers or Sellers use Amazon Review Checkers?
Final Thoughts on the Best Amazon Review Checker

Are you buying or selling on Amazon and wondering which of the reviews you read are legitimate? How do you spot the fake reviews for products on Amazon? And, how to do you find the legitimate negative reviews, so that you can address them with the consumer? The best way is to use an Amazon Review Checker.

So, how exactly do you use Amazon Review Checker, and what is the best of the bunch?? Fakespot is the leader of the pack when it comes down to spotting fake reviews.

Fake reviews are a problem, but with a little help you can learn how to spot them. There are a variety of good Amazon Review Checkers designed to specifically spot fake reviews, which will help you make a more sound decision when purchasing on Amazon, and can help you target the right customers if you are a seller on Amazon

Read on to learn all about Amazon Review Checkers and how to spot fake reviews on Amazon!

What is Amazon Review Checker?

Amazon Reviews can contribute to a successful Amazon business. You need good reviews if you are going to be a profitable Amazon seller. How do you analyze Amazon Reviews?

An Amazon Review Checker will help you spot fake reviews, and it will also help you find the negative reviews, so that you can take action with those consumers to improve their thoughts on your product.

An Amazon Review Checker can also help you find legitimate negative reviews, which you can use to your advantage. Instead of ignoring a bad review, you can now contact the reviewer directly and attempt to fix the issue that he is displease with. This can hopefully turn a negative review into a positive one, which can lead to increased sales of your product.

What are some other ways to spot Fake Amazon Reviews?

In addition to using an Amazon Review Checker, here are some other steps you can take to know if reviews on Amazon are legitimate or fake:

  1. Look at how long the review is . Sometimes fake reviews just go for the stars. They will rate something 5 stars and not leave any words, or leave some vague words that indicate they might not have used the product. Or, if it isthe product of a competitor, they might leave a 1-star review without actually saying anything meaningful.
  2. Is there emotion in the review ? If someone is rating a product for themselves or a friend or family member, they might throw in a bunch of emotional words to try to prove how good or bad the product is.
  3. Has the reviewer left a lot of other reviews? If the review was written by someone who has only ranked a couple of products, he might specifically be targeting those items and trying to boost or take away sales. Same with the opposite, if he has written a ton of reviews in a short time period, he could just be spamming the system.
  4. Is it a Verified Purchase? Look and see if there is a badge marking this as a “verified purchase,” which will prove the reviewer purchased the item through Amazon, and is thus more likely providing a legitimate review.
  5. What other products has this person reviewed? Is it a random collection of materials that can indicate they’ve been paid to rate obscure items? Or, is he buying a bunch of products in the same category, like baseball bats, baseball gloves, and baseballs, meaning he might just be shopping for his son’s upcoming baseball season.

There are a variety of ways to spot fake Amazon reviews. Using an Amazon Review Checker is one way, but so is applying some thought and logic when you are reading the reviews. 

amazon review checker

Let an Amazon Review Checker do the hard work for you and weed out fraudulent reviews by using algorithms and analysis.

How Does Amazon Review Checker Work?

AMZInsight, for example, is an Amazon Review Checker that works by actually bringing forward the negative feedback and the reviewer’s name. If you are a seller, this is a great resource, so now you can contact the consumer directly to hopefully resolve his or her issue and maybe improve their rating of your product.

So many people read product reviews before deciding to buy an item, that Amazon reviews are critical to the success of your business as an Amazon seller . If you are selling a lot of products, then odds are that you will receive at least a handful of negative reviews.

To combat this, use an Amazon Review Checker. It is also possible that you can get banned as an Amazon seller if you receive a bunch of negative reviews and do not address the consumer’s concerns. Too many bad reviews will put your whole Amazon business in jeopardy, so you want to be able to work with legit consumers who have real concerns about your products

Using a Review Checker, you can find the negative comments, and work hand in hand with the consumer to improve their satisfaction, and thus increase your rating in a legitimate fashion. 

fake review spotter

Before you get your credit card out to make your next big purchase on Amazon, use an Amazon Review Checker to ensure that the product reviews you are reading are legitimate.

Best Amazon Review Checkers

Here is a look at some of the top Amazon Review Checkers:

  • AMZ Reviews Tracker – This was one of first product to track Amazon reviews. All other Amazon Review Checkers came after this one, and utilize some of the same features that AMZ Reviews Tracker created. AMZ Tracker was actually also designed for sellers to offer discounts to shoppers in exchange for them leaving a positive review of the product.

Things changed when Amazon stopped allowing incentives in exchange for reviews. Now this product still works with Amazon sellers with the goal of improving their sales numbers. It does this by helping you to promote your product. Furthermore, it lets you track your ranking on the Amazon best-seller pages. This particular Review Checker is not designed to specifically find fake reviews, but is more about improving your sales numbers.

  • Fakespot – This app is designed to weed out fake reviews and anything counterfeit. This is helpful for a buyer on Amazon to use, as it will inform the buyer of any illegitimate reviews, so the buyer can know if it truly is a reliable product to purchase. The built in algorithms can spot patterns in fake reviews.

This is probably the best Amazon Review Checker for spotting fake reviews. Using Artificial Intelligence and algorithms, Fakespot is very good at locating fake Amazon Reviews. Once you have found the fake reviews, you can use that knowledge to your advantage whether you are a buyer or a seller.

  • ProductReviewMonitoring - Monitor all your product reviews with this site. You can track and analyze every review your product gets, and then choose to take action on any negative review. They advertise great customer service, and the best analytics possible to ensure you are getting accurate data reported about the Amazon reviews on your products for sale.

Not only will it allow you to interact with consumers who leave negative reviews, but having this data could also allow you to see trends in what people think are negative. This way you could potentially improve your product and eliminate negative reviews in the future.

Fake Review Spotter

There are a few things to know about spotting fake Amazon reviews. Overall, someone is leaving a fake review for a few reasons:

  • He is being paid by the seller. Perhaps the seller gives him a discount or a free product in exchange for a good review. This was the original cause of Amazon fake reviews. Sellers released the ticket to more profit and more revenue was more sales. And, to get more sales they needed more good reviews. It was a sound business decision to give away one or two free products in exchange for better reviews that were going to increase sales. Amazon now bans this practice, but some sellers still try to get away with it.
  • He is being paid by a competitor. Competitors pay for bad reviews of other products, which in turn makes their product look the best, and could increase sales. If you cannot increase your own sales, decrease your competitors. If you decrease your competitors’ sales, then those consumers might just turn around and buy your product. Also banned on Amazon, that does not mean it never happens.
  • They are trading reviews with other sellers. Other sellers want reviews too, so there could be an even trade of “you rate my product and I’ll rate yours.” The logic here was to find sellers that are not selling products directly in competition to your own. Partner with them and try to increase both of your sales. Still frowned upon, it is still something to be aware of, as it still occurs in small amounts.
  • They are helping friends and family. Maybe a family member has launched a new product or a new business, and they need as many positive reviews as possible to increase sales and traffic, so they have reached out to everyone they know to leave them 5-star ratings and give positive feedback.

Amazon Fake Review Spotter

The easiest way for you to spot Amazon fake reviews is to use an Amazon Review Checker. Let the companies and products that have tools at their disposal do the legwork for you. They have everything set up to mathematically and scientifically analyze all Amazon reviews.

You can spend hours of your own time pouring through hundreds of reviews look for fakes, or you can let the experts do it.

How to Check Amazon Reviews

When you check an Amazon review for legitimacy, you are really investigating the person who wrote the review. What his online persona like? Has he left a lot of reviews in the past? Only 1 or 2?

Ideally, you would see someone who has written a handful of reviews, at a variety of different star levels, and provided meaningful content in his review beyond just the star selection.

How to select an Amazon Review Checkers

So, you have decided to move forward and use an Amazon Review Checker. What do you need to know, and how to do you figure out what the best Amazon Review Checker is to meet your needs?

  • Are they expensive? Like everything else in the world, you get what you pay for. Some Amazon Review Checkers are free or substantially cheaper than others. Investigate each one for what services they offer for what prices. It is worth paying for the data that you really need. Be aware of teasers as well… “We will give you certain data for free, but you have to pay for the rest.”
  • How accurate are they? It is a bit of an oxymoron, but read the reviews of the Amazon Review Checkers. Are people complaining about the data they receive? Do they love the data and find it to be 100% accurate?
  • How is their customer support? Amazon Review Checkers can use some complicated algorithms and data pulls for their research. Check into each of them to see how responsive their customer service is. Do they have 24/7 support that can help you decipher the data they provided? If not, what time zone are they in? Will they be available to help you when you need them?

Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Review Checker

  • How do I know if an Amazon review is legit? There are a few ways. Using an Amazon Review Checker is the easiest way, but you can also look at the person posting the review. Has he made a lot of similar reviews? Does he go for all 5 star or 1 star reviews without providing a lot of content in the review itself? Does he have a “Verified Purchase” button under his name indicating that he actually purchased that product through Amazon?
  • Are Amazon reviews reliable? Yes and no. The majority of reviews on Amazon are written by people who use the products and want to provide reliable feedback. However, there are also spam reviews designed to either drive up sales for the seller or drive down sales for someone’s competitor. Be conscientious of what to look out for and how to spot an unreliable Amazon review.
  • Does Amazon have fake reviews? Unfortunately, yes. Since reviews are what drive up sales, some companies will hire people to give fake reviews. Reviews also contribute to placing items on best seller lists. The more ratings a product has, the higher up the best-selling list it goes. Whenever you are buying or selling on Amazon, it is a good idea to use an Amazon Review Checker to help you sort out the fake reviews from the real reviews.

  review checker

An Amazon Review checker is going to be a beneficial resource for you whether you are an Amazon seller or an Amazon buyer.

What if you find a Fake Amazon Review?

What should you do if you used an Amazon Review Checker and found a fake Amazon review? You might be tempted to contact the reviewer directly, but that is almost never the best option.

As a buyer, you might want to consider notifying Amazon directly. Amazon takes a strong stance against fake reviewers, and allowing them to take charge of the situation is a good idea.

  • If the fake review is leaving 5 stars and glowing remarks, then the seller might be behind the review. In that case, you might want to contact Amazon directly to report fraudulent activity. However, if it is a negative, 1-star rating, it might be a competitor trying to drag down the seller. In that case, you might want to notify the seller in addition to notifying Amazon, so they can be aware of the fraudulent reviews, and address it if they can.

As a seller, you should work with Amazon to report the errant review. Do not take the chance that a competitor is posting negative reviews to take away your customers. Work with Amazon to see if you can get the review removed from your product’s page, and Amazon might even be able to permanently ban the consumer from using the site.

  • Keep in mind, just because it is a negative review, does not guarantee it is fraudulent. If it is a legitimate bad review, reach out to the consumer and see if you can work out the issue to find out why he left you negative feedback.

Videos about Amazon Review Checker

Here are some helpful videos that can help you see with your own eyes how helpful Amazon Review Checkers can be with understanding Amazon reviews and weeding out the fake reviews:

  • How to find out if Amazon Product has Fake Reviews – This is a good video to start with, as it shows you about the Amazon Review Checker Fakespot, and shows you how to analyze and spot fake Amazon reviews.
  • Amazon and the Problem of Fake Reviews – Using graphics, this video explains the impact Amazon fake reviews have on both Amazon buyers and Amazon sellers, and is a great resource for you whether you are buying or selling on Amazon.
  • Spot Fake Amazon Reviews in a Flash – This is a how-to video courtesy of CNET, and explains the easiest way to find fake Amazon reviews. CNET is a reliable computer and technology website, and any video by them is going to be reliable.

A lot of people learn more by watching videos than my reading articles online. If you are more of a visual person, check out the videos above. If you still need more to watch, there are plenty more resources on YouTube relating to Amazon Review Checkers and how to spot fake reviews on Amazon.

Should Buyers or Sellers use Amazon Review Checkers?

Both buyers and sellers should use Amazon Review Checkers. Would you want to see fake reviews either as a buyer or as a seller? There’s no place for fraudulent activity when honest people are trying to make a living selling products.

As a buyer, if you are reading product reviews on Amazon it is because you are contemplating purchasing that item. You are doing your due diligence and trying to find out the accurate experiences of other people who have purchased this product. What good is a product review that ranks the product as 1 star solely because the seller’s competition paid them to do so?

As a seller, you want to make sure potential buyers are not being misled . Obviously, you want all of the positive reviews that you can get, but not if they are illegitimate. If someone buys your product because of a 5 star review, and then didn’t like the same feature that was positively reviewed, then that buyer is going to turn around and rank you poorly. This negates the first positive review you got.

Final Thoughts on the Best Amazon Review Checker

Spotting fake Amazon Reviews is a very important aspect of online consumerism, whether you are buying or selling. If you are buying, you do not want to buy a product that is shoddy just because of some fake reviews you read. If you are selling, fake reviews can help take your consumers away and encourage them to buy your competitor’s products.

If your primary goal of using an Amazon Review Checker is to spot fake reviews, then the Best Amazon Review Checker for you is probably Fakespot, as it is specifically designed to target fake Amazon reviews.

No matter which Amazon Review Checker you decide upon, it is always a good idea to do your homework and make sure you are not reading a bunch of 5-star reviews for a product that is only worth of 1-star. Let the experts handle it, and use an Amazon Review Checker to ensure that you are not relying on fake Amazon reviews.

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