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Choosing an Amazon Sales Estimator

2020, 02, 11, Tuesday 04:22
Home Must have Choosing an Amazon Sales Estimator
The Sales Estimator
Why Use Sales Estimator?
The Amazon Sales Rank
Determining Sales Rank
How to Attain Good Sales Rank
How Amazon's A9 Algorithm Works
Free and Paid Amazon Sales Estimators


Every FBA seller wants to make his products popular on FBA. More popularity translates to sales. More revenue means profit. Before venturing into the FBA investment, know your sales estimation process.

As you analyze your sales, also know the level of competition it will face on FBA. Use a sales estimator .

The Sales Estimator

FBA is a competitive platform. Before making a final decision on whether to venture into FBA, know whether it is a profitable investment. Know the product and its profitability. Having such knowledge is the key to beginning a successful journey on FBA.

Suppose shoes are your FBA investment. An estimator helps estimate performance on FBA. The tool relies on data (historical) to get figure stating potential sales. Even though the information returned by estimator will not be a guarantee, know whether investment is worth.

Why Use Sales Estimator?

An estimator's a no excuse for sellers. It helps:

  • It gives estimated sales, helping understand market and where changes are necessary.
  • Spying competitors. You must competitor's behavior to excel on FBA. Use estimator to know average sells, prices etc. An estimator will tell units you must sell to beat competitors.
  • Makes tasks easier. Anyone can use estimator since it's simple. Estimate sales using estimator and spend time planning your FBA investment instead of analyzing data/spreadsheets.
  • Know way improve sales. Sales're key to sustaining FBA investment. Use estimator know better ways of boosting sales without hassle. Connect better opportunities now and boost business with estimator.
  • Helps choose best item. You can't sell any item on FBA. The platform is competitive. Some investments earn less than others. Sustaining them could be challenging. Managing some FBA investments could be complex. Save yourself from these using an estimator. It tells you the best product to sell. You then run a smooth FBA investment.
  • Proper expectations. Anticipation is good for sellers. However, don't overdo or under-do it. Know sales to anticipate. What you get finally doesn't shock you. You plan your budget well and expect right profit amount.

After getting estimated sales, work towards boosting them. If your interest's in product, projected sales're not good, take measures to boost them. Such including marketing, branding, improving quality etc. Do what will push your item to customers and reach new markets. This boosts sales, generating more profit.

The Amazon Sales Rank

It's a numerical value FBA items have. It determines product's popularity on FBA. The value of this figure cannot be less than 1. A low value sales rank means item is more popular on FBA. High value of sales rank means product's less popular on the platform. So, the less rank, better.

Whenever a customer wants to buy something on FBA, they've to search for it. Amazon a good search mechanism on its platform. Items with low rank appear at the top upon search. This should be goal of FBA seller. Improving rank for an item will see it appear on first page upon search. It will be seen by many customers and hence sales.

Determining Sales Rank

The amazon sales rank is important FBA, hence, you should understand it. Ranks items categories to determine which appears first upon search. If it appears first on search means it's recently made good sales compared to others in category. For it to have good rank , its sales window should not be wide. The closer the window, the better.

Note that customer reviews do not affect sales rank. It uses sales rate to calculate rank. Higher rate, better rank. The product's recent sales are considered more than its past sales. To maintain it at top, work out for consistent sales. Sales metrics for an item are updated after every hour. The Amazon's A9 algorithm in turn uses these metrics to calculate its sales rank.

When ranking items, items that belong to one category are compared to each other. The items with low sales rank come first. If item's assigned rank 6, 5 products are above it.

It's to employ necessary tricks to have an rank of 1.

How to Attain Good Sales Rank

Always target low rank. Amazon sales rank calculator helps determine rank of product. Here're tricks help you attain good rank:


Good item title will attract customers. You must be creative enough when giving product title. Use a title that clearly tells potential customers what product entails. You achieve's by researching on keywords. The title should describe the characteristics of item such as its name, brand, size etc.


FBA's very competitive platform. You'll find numerous sellers on platform selling same product as yours. How can make it on platform? A good price is key!

A good price doesn't mean a low price. Sell product at a fair price to ensure investment remains profitable. This'll sustain your business.

The are automatic ways of setting product price. They fluctuate the product's price based on the current level of competition. Research on tool to use. Fba amazon calculator will show high sales, favoring your rank .

The Description

The usefulness of product can only be conveyed through the product description. This's section that can actually help you convert your potential customers. Describe the benefits that customers will enjoy for purchasing your product. Both sales and rank will be boosted.


NEVER ignore the use of images on FBA! An image can increase conversion rate. You only have to choose an appealing image. To increase sales, use an HD image.

Some people don't like reading. When searching on Amazon, they quickly view product images then chooses that appeals them. Use quality images to grab their attention and make sales.

Customer Queries

Amazon FBA allows customers to ask questions about products. Potential customers want to know whether other customers are pleased or objected to your product. They will always view this section.

Respond to such questions to increase conversion rate. The rank calculator will also show an improved value. Use positive tone when responding to negative concerns about the product.


Freebies can help you boost your product's sales rank. Some people only visit Amazon to enjoy the freebies of the day. These can help you boost your product's sales rank. Run a giveaway once every week. You may lose some returns during that period but you will not regret it! The estimator will show an improved sales within a short period of time.

How Amazon's A9 Algorithm Works

FBA uses A9 algorithm to rank items belonging to similar category. After a search, A9 searches in the database to find the item that matches user needs based on search words. The algorithm ranks and presents results to the user. Highly relevant items are displayed first, while the less relevant ones are displayed last.

An item must be related to the words that the user has used to perform search to be considered relevant. Do a research to identify common keywords used to search for item like yours. Use these keywords in title and in product's description.

A9 algorithm also considers your product's conversion rate, and the higher the better as your item will appear on first page. Improve it by all necessary means.

Customer feedback plays contributes on product's. Cultivate for more of these for good results.

Free and Paid Amazon Sales Estimators

Today, there're various amazon sales estimators for estimating FBA sales. These tools can detect competition item will face in future. Here are various sales estimators, both free and paid:

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout's free. This amazon sales calculator accesses products, returns sales estimate.

You install mobile app and estimate FBA sales from your palms. Get Jungle Scout on official website. It's simple, so don't need any expertise to use.

Jungle scout estimator

The image shows no much details are asked to estimate sales. Only rank number, marketplace, product category are needed. You then get the estimated sales in a button click.

AMZ Scout

It's another sales estimator, good for all people, even beginners. It relies on one factor to estimate sales, the product's sales rank .

Sales Estimator

AMZ Scout only requires rank, product's category. The details will then be returned.

Note Amz Scout isn't free. Their customer support base is good, responds to issues appropriately.

Seller App

Seller App's right estimator to know competitors' behavior. It shows total units that they sale and keywords may improve sales.

This estimator shows product's rank various niches to know popularity of item on FBA. Seller App knows best opportunities available to seize.

Sales Estimator

It's easy calculator. Only have to select product's category then rank. Estimated sales made in day will then be returned to estimate future sales. They   have   a   good   customer   service hence they   will   respond   to   your   queries   quickly .  

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher amazon sales volume estimator shows right FBA product for maximum profits. It's simply Chrome extension that's been proved useful to sellers. The uniqueness of Unicorn smasher's its data-driven nature. Data is evidence, hence, this calculator give correct estimated sales you make.

amazon sales rank

Unicorn Smasher returns precise information in second. You take shorter time getting sales estimate. Unicorn Smasher is also available for free. During its installation on browser, you must only know name, email address.


It's another platform good for sellers. Use Helloprofit to get sales and ROI on FBA investment. Know   the   product   and   its   profitability Having   such   knowledge   is   the   key   to   beginning   a   successful   journey   on   FBA .

However, this sales estimator is not free. Before you begin paying, enjoy free-trial period of 21 days. Its user interface is simple even for beginners' use.

sales estimator amazon

However, this amazon sales estimator does not provide us with a way of filtering the options. They have a good customer service, hence, they will respond to your queries quickly.


AMZShark has several features in addition to sales estimation. Products are searched using keywords. It's suitable for knowing the people who have ventured into selling a particular product on FBA.

amazon sales rank calculator

However, this tool's expensive as you part with around $300 each month when using it.


This is browser plugin sellers use as a sales estimator . You just have to open product's web page and get right information. However, Amachete's for Japan's sellers.

sales estimator

Amachete is not free. It has three payment plans from which you choose one based on:

  • Your budget
  • Required features.

It's   suitable   for   knowing   the   people   who   have   ventured   into   selling   a   particular   product   on   FBA .  

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is another simple amazon sales estimator. Although the tool seems basic, you achieve lot. However, it's used for top FBA products, making it only suitable for particular sellers.

amazon sales rank estimator

Choose one option from the four payment plans. You will enjoy different features under each payment plan. Determine the features to use and choose a payment plan with those feature.


ASINspector has a high degree of accuracy. Infer this from customer reviews. ASINspector gives an accurate estimate monthly sales.

amazon sales rank calculator

ASINspector tells how profitable it'll be selling a similar product on other online platforms, e.g, Alibaba. ASINspector's loaded with features at cheaper cost, hence, you won't regret choosing it.

ASINspector comes with set of precise tools can give more precise information on product's sales. It's   suitable   for   knowing   the   people   who   have   ventured   into   selling   a   particular   product   on   FBA .   You pay to use ASINspector. It's two payment options, hence, you choose one seeming convenient.


AMZPromoter amazon sales calculator is good for marketing your products. AMZPromoter will even market product outside FBA, determine its impact on sales.

amazon sales rank

When using FBA, there's no way of marketing products to people outside the platform. You can break this barrier using the AMZPromoter sales estimator. Before   venturing   into   the   FBA   investment know   your   sales   estimation   process

AMZPromoter employs the use of ads on social media platforms to direct traffic to product's page. You can also grow your mailing list using AMZPromoter. It asks users for their email addresses in exchange for a discount.

It has three payment plans, each with a different set of features. Identify the features offered in each plan and choose plan that best meets your needs. These plans provide way of linking product's page to social media accounts. Linking to social media accounts makes it an outstanding amazon sales calculator .

Helium 10

This is great amazon sales rank estimator for persons wanting to make serious money on Amazon. It's loaded with numerous tools can help you perform various tasks on the FBA platform. Helium 10 can return much information about this competitive platform and do what is necessary to become a champion.

Jungle scout estimator

The tool requires you to pay to use, but you can first use it for free as you assess the various payment plans and choose one suitable for you. It has a strong emphasis on the use of keywords as a way of improving your product's sales rank. The overall impact will be more sales and a more profitable FBA investment.

Use Helium 10 to get best keywords for marketing your product and stay ahead of FBA competitors. If you use this tool, you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors. Use Helium to do much work at a go and spend the rest of your time planning for FBA business.

Viral Launch

The Viral Launch sales estimator amazon is good for gaining insights about the Amazon FBA platform. Before   venturing   into   the   FBA   investment know   your   sales   estimation   process It uses intelligence to extract trends and patterns from past events to make current decisions.

amazon sales estimator

With Viral Launch, tell profit amount your product will fetch from each category.

It's a more accurate sales estimator . Viral launch is also easy to install since it's Chrome extension.

Seller Legend

Seller legend is ranked among the best sales estimators. It presents data in a simple, customizable and visually appealing manner. It has eared credit in giving accurate results and presenting them in a friendly manner.

amazon sales rank calculator

Most estimators return results with errors. Seller legend is different. It returns very accurate results. It's considered the most accurate sales estimator. That' why Seller Legend is the right tool for sales estimation.

Seller legend generates different visualizations for data presentation. Examples include bar charts, pie charts etc.

With Seller Legend, you will get value for your money. Its pricing plan has four options. Each offers different features. Identify the option with right features and subscribe. The highest tier has many features, processing capabilities. Go for it if that's what's needed. The lower tier has basic features good for Amazon beginners. It loads faster and returns results quickly. It's applicable when no time for estimation. Choose Seller Legend now and choose type of visualization to use for data.


Choose Joelister now and list inventory on Ebay. You will not be targeting Amazon customers only, hence potential for many sales. With Joelister, products won't stay in Amazon warehouses for long. You can reach many potential customers from other platforms and sell.

sales estimator amazon

Try Joelister for 12 days before purchasing Joelister. However, Joelister isn't great for sales estimation. Its uniqueness comes from its ability to list inventory on Ebay. You get new customers via email acquisition. The platform has four pricing option. Basic plan's the cheapest and with basic features. Start here and keen on upgrading with time.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence originated from Viral Launch. It gathers intelligence which is good for sales improvement. Its information gathering ability makes it good tool for sales estimation.

It's Chrome extension, but can get much information from it. Use it to estimate sales for products in different categories. It has 4 pricing plans, so choose one. You'll realize Market Intelligence's very cheap alternative to most sales estimators. It also has many offers for its pricing plans. For instance, you're awarded 2 free months if you pay annually. Take advantage of such and have cheap sales estimator. It's loaded with data, features, hence, it's good for sellers.


Before venturing into selling on Amazon, know the approximate total sales achievable. It's hard to make such an approximation manually. Various tools help determine automatically. Use an amazon sales estimator for this. Choose right estimator.

More   popularity  on FBA translates to   sales More   revenue   means   profit Before   venturing   into   the   FBA   investment

know   your   sales   estimation   process

There are amazon sales estimators available in market today. Some are free while others expect payment for services. Do a comparison between the various available sales estimators and use best one. Start with free estimator, the upgrade to paid ones after time. Let this come once your investment has picked up well. Plan budget well before choosing one.

Some estimators help you determine your product's profitability when listed under different niches. This'll make it easy to know profitable category and venture into it. Estimate sales of the item under multiple niches. compare to know best niche to venture in. After getting assurance, go with that niche. You'll make good sales for better profit. Investment will sustainable for long-term.

Rank determines popularity of item. Always strive to have a low value for item appear at top of first page upon search by customers. Many tricks help in boosting sales rank.Use best keywords and ensure you get consistent sales for product. Market items for consistent sales. Keeping sales window short will keep item at top, translating to more sales.

When   searching   on   Amazon , customers quickly   view   product   images   then   chooses   that   appeals   them Use   quality   images  

to   grab   their   attention   and   make   sales .   Freebies   can   help   you   boost   your   product's   sales   rank

Some   people   only   visit   Amazon   to   enjoy   the   freebies   of   the   day These   can   help   you   boost   your   product's   sales   rank Run   a   giveaway   once   every   week . After   a   search A9   searches   in   the   database   to   find   the   item   that   matches   user   needs   based   on   search   words

The   algorithm   ranks   and   presents    results   to   the   user Highly   relevant   items   are   displayed   first while   the   less   relevant   ones   are   displayed   last An   item   must   be   related   to   the   words   that   the   user   has   used   to   perform   search   to   be   considered   relevant . The algorithm works fast.

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