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Everything You Should Know About the Amazon Keyword Tool

2020, 03, 16, Monday 01:59
Home Must have Everything You Should Know About the Amazon Keyword Tool
Amazon’s Formula for Search Terms
How do Amazon Keywords Affect my Product’s Searchability?
What is Keyword Research?
Top Amazon Keyword Tools
Use What You learn
Final Thoughts

amazon keyword tool

If you are an Amazon seller, then you have probably realized how complex and restrictive the competition can be to make a profit on the platform. Amazon is not a get rich quick scheme and success on Amazon comes to those who pour their hearts and souls into the business to get what they want.

One of the most important lessons to learn as an Amazon seller is how to maximize your visibility to the customer. This is a hard task to accomplish, but some research suggests that targeting certain key words can help you to achieve this task.

Search Engine Optimization is a concept brought about through the wild popularity of search tools like Google or Bing. People who have learned to utilize the internet for making money have learned how to optimize their content to appear on a search engine’s results within a page or two. SEO has been utilized by many business owners to make the most out of their results when they appear on a search engine’s results. 

This same concept can be applied to your Amazon FBA business to maximize profit. Put simply, Amazon is simply a search engine that different people use to find and sell different products. People who go to Amazon to find a specific solution to a problem type that problem into the search bar. Voila! Thousands of options appear on Amazon’s results pages showing customers what you hope they want to see.

Considering the similarities between Amazon as a search engine, and traditional search engines like Google or Bing, it comes as no surprise that utilizing the concept that drives SEO can be extremely beneficial in driving traffic to your Amazon products. This article is going to take a look at Amazon keyword tools and how to utilize them to increase your presence on Amazon searches.

Amazon’s Formula for Search Terms

what are people searching for on amazon

While it is definitely fair to describe Amazon as a type of search engine, it may not be entirely accurate. At least not without mentioning that while Amazon is very similar to a search engine, it is has a much more concentrated focus.

The goal of Amazon is sell things. Not only does Amazon want to sell things, but the people who are listing products on Amazon want to sell things. Therefore, all of the focus of the formulas and algorithms driving what consumers see in their searches is geared toward one single goal: sell as much as possible.

The products that are the most successful on Amazon are able to successfully convince someone to buy them through both their title and their product details page. The key word for Amazon sellers to know and remember is: relevant!

Of course, it is important to also earn a high ranking within Amazon keyword ranking. Earning a higher rank pushes your product higher on a customer’s view when they search for a product within your category.

Amazon is pretty smart. The company uses their algorithm to make sure that when a customer searches for a certain term they see products that relate to that term. It would be pretty bad if Amazon’s algorithm was unable to limit the searches to only relevant items. After all, no one wants to see a feminine hygiene product when they are searching for baby food. 

How do Amazon Keywords Affect my Product’s Searchability?

How does breathing relate to your ability to stay alive? If you answered that breathing is vital to your ability to stay alive, then you are absolutely correct.

Just like we need to breathe to stay alive, your products require the right keywords to remain visible on Amazon’s platform. Similar to optimizing a webpage for visibility on a search engine, your keywords should be visible throughout all of the areas of your Amazon product page.

The Product Title

The product’s title is the most essential component to the success of your product on Amazon. At least in terms of search results as they relate to your Amazon keyword research.

In order to be successful in this adventure, you should probably consider your own behavior on Amazon as a customer before going any further. Think back to the last purchase you made on Amazon. Once you have typed in a search, what is your next step? I bet your next step is not to read each and every product page that appears in your results.

Most people turn to the product titles and pictures to make a decision about which products they are interested in and which ones they definitely will not purchase. In fact, many consumers admit that they really only pay attention to the first few words of a product’s title anyway. This means that sellers have even fewer words to make a successful impression on their buyer.

So, what are the most important factors to include about my product?

  • The brand name
  • Product name
  • Distinguishing Features
  • Size
  • Color
  • Quantity

These are the factors about a product that research shows customers are looking for when they are browsing search results on Amazon. By including these factors in your product title, you will draw attention from the consumer to your product.

Keep in mind that many customers are searching Amazon for products from really small screens. In fact, more often than not, consumers are shopping from smart phones. This means that the screen they are using to look for products is pretty small and the entirety of your product title may not even appear on the screen. This is just one more reason to be sure you pack as much crucial information into the first few words of your product title as it is possible to do.

But your battle is two-fold. This is because you are not simply battling with the customers to get their attention, you must also garner the attention of Amazon’s algorithm to land on the first page of the search results as well.

Product Details

The product details are not going to pack as much of a punch as the product title. But for consumers who are reading and researching different products, the product details page could land you an additional sale that you otherwise would not have had.

On the product details page for your Amazon products, you should feature all of the more detailed features of your product including information about what your product does for a consumer. You may consider using bullet points to help make your product details easy to skim for consumers. They are far less likely to read chunky paragraphs for information than they are to skim precise bullet points.

Of course, you want to be sure to include all of the keywords that should appear in your product search in the details page as well. If you were unable to fit some of the keywords on your title, then this is a good place to include those keywords now.

The first major benefit to working on your product details page is that is your last opportunity to capture the attention of a consumer. If they are trying to read about several products before choosing one to purchase, this is your last time to persuade them that your product is the right one.

There are a lot of factors that go into the algorithm deciding where your product falls on the results page. This includes how many products you sell after a consumer clicks on the product to read more. Ignoring the product details page or just slapping a few words down is a monumental effect that could plummet your sales.

What is it that makes your product an immediate need for the consumer? Why should customer buy the product today and from you? Is there anything special about your product or your brand that may help a customer make the decision?

Another reason that your product details page should be optimized for success on the Amazon algorithm is that this will tremendously benefit the search results. Of course, we already covered how your product title affects the search results, but this algorithm also considers what is written in your product description as a major factor in how to order your product on a search results page.

If you are including keywords that customers are searching for in their searches, then you are more likely to appear in their results. This concept is simple, but it can majorly affect your product sales in a positive way!

The Seller Account

There is a majorly underutilized factor that can help to optimize your search results through your Amazon seller account. A lot of sellers do not realize that there are specific methods you can use to boost your visibility on the Amazon platform.

You may hear this referred to as “hidden keywords.” Essentially these hidden keywords are a tool that allows a seller to give Amazon some additional information about each of the products that he/she is selling on the platform. These keywords allow you show Amazon why your product should appear in different searches. However, all of this is done without the consumer ever becoming aware that the hidden keywords existed.

For example, we will use an Amazon seller account dedicated to selling quirky t-shirts made for boy/girl twins. You know that a lot of Amazon customers search “boy/girl twin t-shirts” when they are looking for products like this on Amazon. However, you have already utilized your title including brand name, size, and t-shirt description. How can you utilize the search term that you know people are looking for?

Use it on the Amazon seller account to draw more views.

It is important to note that your word count is limited to 250 characters on this hidden gem for Amazon sellers. So, you want to be sure that the information you include on the backend is not simply a duplicate of what you have already included on your title and product description. Include things that will really make a difference.

On the same note, the backend of your Amazon account is not the place to utilize what you learned in elementary English class. Avoid wasting your character count on punctuation. Afterall, no one is ever going to read the “hidden keywords” you submit to Amazon besides yourself and the computers running the Amazon platform.

In a sense, Amazon’s decision to limit the character count on the backend keywords shows their commitment to selling more products. They want to ensure that the people who are selling under their platform take the customers as seriously as they do. Limiting your character count prohibits the likelihood that the seller will type in irrelevant search terms just to land on an irrelevant search. This increases the customer’s trust in Amazon as well because they know that the searches they conduct are legitimate and do not pop up random products that do not have anything to do with the search.

Using an Amazon keyword planner to figure out how to choose keywords for Amazon can help you make a big difference in your product visibility.

amazon keyword search

What is Keyword Research?

If you want to win the game of Amazon, then you need to play competitively with the other sellers on the market. They are finding success through practices like researching Amazon keywords and phrases to make sure that they are ranking in the correct area for their goal.

There are a variety of ways that this can be done, but the most popular method is the use of a Amazon keyword research tool. There are a variety of Amazon seo tools available for Amazon sellers to use. Their goal is to identify the correct keywords and phrases that should be used in your Amazon product title and product page in order to produce the best results.

Top Amazon Keyword Tools

1. Kparser

The name of this Amazon Keyword tool says it all. Kparser parses the products that you wish to sell by providing you with possible keyword combinations to maximize your visibility. This is a good tool for the beginner who is just beginning to work on their key word optimization on Amazon.

This software is considered to be extremely user friendly. However, critics claim that the software is relatively weak when compared to some other more well known options. Kparser is the best amazon keyword research tool.

2. Merchantwords

Merchantwords is an excellent resource for the current seller on the Amazon platform. They have a database with over 170 million keywords that can be used to generate the right combination for your particular needs. This software has been proven to help boost sales for various people who use Merchantwords to optimize their search terms on Amazon.

This Amazon keyword tool does all of the hard work for you. If you are someone who has never used SEO practices before, then you may be a bit overwhelmed with all of this talk about optimizing keywords and the importance of this practice. However, MerchantWords makes the process easy for the new user of this concept. It is the best free Amazon keyword tool.

3. KeywordInspector

KeywordInspector is another online software that allows paid members to use their platform to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace. Their online platform actually updates weekly to show users the most commonly searched for words and phrases in every category on a weekly basis.

Further, they have features that allow you to enter ASIN numbers to optimize your keywords and phrases for you. This practice will allow you to rank higher on the Amazon platform therefore permanently boosting your rank and ultimately your sales.

All of these features come for a price, though. KeywordInspector is billed monthly. However, if you are serious about boosting your business on Amazon, then you may need to make a few investments to push your business to the next level on the Amazon platform. 

4. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a highly esteemed platform that allows its users to easily search for keywords for a variety of needs. Many Amazon sellers have businesses that reach far beyond the limits of the Amazon platform. In fact, many Amazon sellers have needs involving blogs and SEO on all of the platforms and even social media.

Keyword Tool is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs who find themselves in need of SEO help in more than one search engine. Keyword Tool allows users to toggle between tabs for Google, AppStore and Amazon. These tools can be extremely helpful for the Amazon seller, especially if the Amazon seller is also present on the internet in other mediums.

There is a free version of Keyword Tool, but there is also a paid version that gives users access to more complex and useful features. If you like what you see on the free version, then you may consider upgrading to access the tools available to paid users.

One of the best features of Keyword Tool is the Autocomplete feature. This allows Amazon sellers to learn about 10 keyword suggestions with a single search. There are other features that allow the user to sort these keyword suggestions easily and without confusion. Many users really enjoy all of the benefits of the Keyword Tool software. This is one of the best keyword research tools for amazon.

5. Keyword Tool Dominator

This may be one of the more widely popular Amazon keyword tools available to Amazon sellers. This one boasts over 15,000 active participants on the keyword search. The Keyword Tool Dominator allows users to find keywords for Google, Amazon, and YouTube. Again, many Amazon sellers find themselves active on more than one platform. This feature is extremely beneficial to the active Amazon seller who also has a blog or Youtube channel.

It is completely free to create an account with Keyword Tool Dominator. However, using the Amazon portion of this software does require a small fee. In the long run, spending money may be necessary to reach new heights in your Amazon business. This is hands down the best keyword research tool for Amazon.

6. Google Keyword Planner

We all certainly understand the power that Google has over the technology world. Essentially, we can no longer function in our daily lives without the frequent use of Google for various tasks and needs. However, we have also come to trust Google wholeheartedly with our technology needs.

So, it is no surprise that the Google Keyword Planner can be extremely beneficial in determining the keywords needed to succeed on your Amazon products. In fact, Google Adwords can also be used to help increase your sales if used correctly.

Google Keyword Planner is actually a free feature that is included with your Google AdWords account. With this tool, you can access the trends that Google notices in keyword searches on the internet. Again, we all know how powerful Google is, so this information is extremely beneficial in planning your keywords and how to make the most of your Amazon listings.

7. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is one of the most well-known and popular Amazon keyword research tools. It's always a great option.

Use What You learn

Of course, using an Amazon Keyword Tool is only half of the battle. As it turns out, being successful on Amazon is an incredibly complex adventure and you are going to have to work to become one of the successful sellers. Once you have those keywords all planned out, you need to make sure you have included them in a way that will benefit your store and drive traffic through the results page.

It is not enough to learn about the keywords and splatter them a bit in your description. Use the suggestions mentioned in this article to further your visibility on Amazon. Utilize the product title to push your visibility and make sure you remain successful on the Amazon platform. You also need to figure out what people are searching for on Amazon to boost your success possibilities.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a firm understanding of the process for keyword research for Amazon sellers, you need to pick the Amazon keyword tool that works best for you. With the right combination, you can be well on your way to creating a successful Amazon business with incredibly visible products.

The cycle is endless on the Amazon product visibility loop. The more visible your products are, the more likely you are to sell them. On that same note, the more products you sell, the more visible they become. This is what makes it incredibly hard to climb the ladder of success on the Amazon platform. Yet it is also what makes those sellers who climb to the top become the most successful entrepreneurs they can be.

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