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JumpSend Review: A Deeper Insight Into JumpSend

2020, 02, 26, Wednesday 11:30
Home Reviews JumpSend Review: A Deeper Insight Into JumpSend
What is JumpSend?
JumpSend Features 
How to Use JumpSend? 
How is Launch Different from JumpSend? 
Jungle Scout Launch Pricing

Launching a product on amazon is easy. But getting the first sales is difficult. Customers don’t want to buy a product that has no reviews when there are so many other products that already do. Amazon decides the ranking of a product by how much a product is selling. This means, only if your product keeps selling, Amazon will make sure it reaches the top search results. Without sales, your product ranking just keeps falling. You might be pushed back into the 6 th , 7 th page, and further down depending on how well you are selling.

Jungle Scout has launched JumpSend for niche sellers to reach buyers. Buyers want discounts and the sellers want a review. JumpSend combined these two things by creating a marketplace where such buyers and sellers could meet.

But then comes another problem, simply because you get a few sales does not mean you will get reviews from all the buyers. JumpSend has you covered with the autoresponder feature which follows up with customers to make sure they are satisfied with the purchase and can leave reviews.

This has made getting reviews much easier for the average seller on Amazon.

What is JumpSend?

jumpsend deals

JumpSend makes it easier by helping you make sales and get reviews, but the question remains, how? It is a platform with over a wide range of prospective buyers who are constantly looking for fair trade.

Jump Send can service you by connecting you to such buyers and provide a push for your product. Not only that, but JumpSend also helps by opening an automatic communication medium encouraging the customers to leave a review.

In simpler terms, you start by selling your product at a small discount on JumpSend attracting its legal wide customer base. You then interact with your customers who have already bought your product helping the chances of them leaving a positive review.

Usually, when a new product is launched at a certain standard price, for instance, it is 50 dollars. People paying the complete 50 dollars might not leave a review or there might be other cheaper alternatives on Amazon, not necessarily good ones that might distract customers from your product.

Again, as established before, shoppers who do end up buying the product at the price set might not end up leaving a review even if they are satisfied with it.

How many times have you left a review after purchasing an online product?

Chances are it is once out of ten times. Customers are, however, way more eager to end up leaving a low rating even if they are dissatisfied with the product at the slightest. Sometimes the reason given by the customer behind the low rating is sadly completely unrelated. But what catches the attention of the other prospective buyers is not the comment left but the low rating.

One solution could be reducing the price but with that what also reduces is your profit margin. And to meet that profitable level, you’d want to sell more of your products. With that comes the risk of your product being out of stock very easily that will again harm your Amazon ranking.

JumpSend can provide an effective solution to that. Instead of spending money on online ads and so on, all you need to do is generate certain discount codes as allowed by Amazon. You then enter those codes into the system and customers here searching for the product can put in a request for a discount code.

You then approve the buyers, and a discount code is sent to them. This way you are not forced to reduce the price listed. Your sales are boosted either way and the process becomes more selective. So, your profit margin becomes higher and so does your ranking.

Eventually, you might be able to sell your product at a higher profit, but when you have just launched a product, such discounts become very much necessary.

Let's know more about this amazing tool in this JumpSend review.

JumpSend Features 


We have already explained why generating reviews through JumpSend could be a blessing for a new business. But the features that JumpSend offers are much more diverse, and when used right could boost up the sales of a business in a meaningful way in the long term.

The email responder service keeps track of which customers are receiving their products and collecting reviews from them. Additionally, it is linked with your seller account, so you can set many different types of notifications with this.

When the status of a product is set on purchase on Amazon, which means a customer has ordered your product, you can get a simple thank you email sent to the customers. Keeping them in your mind will keep you in theirs. Customers love when sellers are concerned about their shopping experience, as online shopping can be daunting for some.

The app will also keep track when a customer has requested a refund. You can intervene and figure out if there was an issue on your end that caused this. You can customize the emails in any way you want, add attachments, comments, and greetings.

The other feature is the launch platform, which we will be discussing in further detail shortly in this article.

How to Use JumpSend? 

To be able to use JumpSend, you have to first add it as a third-party app on Amazon and give permissions. Later in this article, we have explained how that can be done. When you are done connecting Amazon and JumpSend you will be ready to create promotions through the platform.

  • Amazon will give you the option to create different discount codes, and then you can use these discount codes to people who respond to your promo on JumpSend. You can share the coupon codes in exchange for good reviews. JumpSend will keep track of people who have received the coupons for a discounted price, and when they have the products delivered at the doorstep, JumpSend will make sure to catch up with them about how satisfied they are.
  • By doing this, you improve the chances of generating sales when otherwise you could not sell products that are unrated or from a new seller. The reviews and sales generated are all organic, legal and approved by Amazon. So, you are not violating the terms and conditions of this platform. Amazon tends to be heavy handed with rule-breakers with warnings and outright bans. JumpSend is safe from this sort of issue.
  • There are over 100,000 shoppers on Amazon, so you do not have to spend a lot of money to put out ads on other marketplaces like Facebook to get sales. JumpSend Amazon offers much better service at a price that is more reasonable than what Facebook offers.

How is Launch Different from JumpSend? 

review kick

If you have been a long time user of Launch by Jungle Scout, you might already be familiar with the JumpSend platform. Both of these tools are excellent in terms of targeting that one thing that makes selling difficult, especially for newcomers – the first few sales.

Making the first few sales is extremely difficult. When you launch a product, you will have to wait for the sales to come. Inventory might stay as it is and orders might not seem = seem to come in.

The reason behind this is fairly simple to understand. Amazon A9 algorithm has much more important, high revenue-generating stuff to sell. It has no obligation to peddle your new launch. 

So, what does a seller do in this situation? There is no way you can make your Amazon business successful without selling a lot of products and getting positive JumpSend reviews to encourage sales. The more positive reviews start coming in, the better the chances of your product to get high ranks.

Utilize JumpSend. It is a marketplace just like Amazon; however, they work on a promotion-basis.

Buyers looking for great JumpSend deals on products visit this marketplace. And new sellers frequent this platform to provide those promotions and offers that can get their products launched the right way.

Sure, you will be making a little less on the first few units of your products. But once you have a word of mouth going, and positive reviews coming in, you can recuperate the loss. This solves the problem of having low sales numbers, and so the Amazon algorithm now knows you are a money maker. Your product ranking will get higher from here.

After this, it’s up to what kind of quality product you have. If you have a truly good product, the initial boost is all you need to launch your business towards success.

  • Autoresponder

As an Amazon shopper, you most certainly know it is not often that you have returned to leave a review for the seller. Most people tend to leave reviews if they are extremely happy with the service, or extremely disappointed. Unfortunately, it is much easier to disappoint people.

So how can a seller make sure they have reviews that reflect the quality of the product? There is no easy way out when it comes to customer service, but the autoresponder gets pretty close.

Once a product has been delivered to the buyer, the autoresponder will automatically send an email response asking if they were satisfied with the purchase. And if they weren’t, what are the issues they faced.

When something negative comes up in the review, the autoresponder will quickly alert you so you can contact the customer and take the necessary action to make sure they have a good experience. And this is how you get good reviews. 

  • Marketplaces and Stores

JumpSend had two features, Launch and autoresponder. Later, Jungle Scout combined the features of JumpSend and rebranded the app as Launch. Today, JumpSend platform can still be accessed for review kick, however, the new app – Launch comes with a bit more versatility in features.

JumpSend was originally available only in the United States and the United Kingdom. But Launch will be available across other global locations as well. Launch will provide you with the option to customize the email campaign by country. You can access each marketplace of each country through separate stores inside Launch. For Canada, Launch will have a store that is separate from the store of the UK.

Email campaigns are store specific. For Canada, you can customize your email differently from that of the US or UK.

  • Account Naming Convention

In JumpSend, you do not have to provide names for the Amazon marketplaces. That is because the email campaigns that are managed in JumpSent are placed on the account level.

With Launch, that will change because the email campaigns are located based on marketplaces. On one hand, this helps you make customizations in a language based on where the marketplace is. On the other hand, you have to start naming all the marketplaces here, because otherwise, you will not be able to distinguish between your stores.

  • Managing Promotions

Ever since JumpSend has been upgraded and rebranded in Launch, you can choose to not promote your product through JumpSend anymore. You can do it straight from the Launch app and avail more customization options.

There will still be plenty of offers and deals, and all of that is still available on the Jump Send market for interested sellers and buyers. However, what is changing is that you can no longer have the same buyer and seller account to promote your business. If you are a seller and used to requesting deals from your own store, you can no longer do that. Create another buyer-only account.

  • Keyword Targeting URL

This feature is available with JumpSend, whereas Launch does not have this. The whole purpose of the feature was that people can find the right keywords to add to the product URL. It used to be a super popular way of getting product ranks improved. However, Amazon banned this practice a few years back because it was noncompliant with the terms of agreements of service between sellers and the platform. Major selling apps like FBA Kit went out of business overnight when this feature was ousted.

  • Jungle Scout Launch Elements

Launch offers sellers to give access to their account to other users through multiple logins. This was previously unavailable in Jungle Scout.

Since the global market has now been customized by separate stores by country, you can let each user run the store for that country. This offers a lot of customization that was not available with Jump Send. There are two major features of Launch that can boost sales numbers to a great extent. The first one is product promotion, and the second one is an email campaign.

  • Product Promotions

The first feature of Launch is extremely useful. You can use this as an opportunity to promote your products by creating attractive promotions and discounts in different markets. It is a great way to get users to buy products from new sellers, which they normally won't do. Because nobody shops on Amazon and buys a product that has never had a review, unless they have no choice, or they have an excellent deal. Through Launch, they can now pick up coupon codes for discounted or promotional products, buy a product, use it and then leave a review depending on how satisfied they are with users.

If a seller has a quality product, at this stage it becomes really easy to stand out in the marketplace. The integration of Amazon and Launch is lightning quick, and once you create a promotion there, the offer will show up in the marketplace within a few minutes.

This also limits how many products a buyer can buy. So, no one can take advantage of the promotions and order at bulk, depleting your inventory. Then the same products by retail arbitrage at a higher price on Amazon. The Launch app will only allow one seller to buy the product at a discounted price once.

  • Email Campaigns

jumpsend deals

Whether you are a new seller or old, keeping track of every time a customer buys something is difficult, time-consuming. The launch has taken this idea and built a great platform where you do not handle these tasks by yourself anymore. Whenever customers have any issue, the app will send you alerts. You can intervene and take care of any queries or issues of the customer. Great customer service is at the core of getting good reviews, and these features make sure you can do that with minimum effort.

The results of this are that you can benefit from having positive reviews, or get reviews taken down when they have been wrongly issued on the basis of bad delivery or handling. These issues are in no way attached to your product and should not affect how other buyers see your products.

An email campaign protects your products like a hawk.

The ultimate benefit from this is that when you start generating sales based on all the good reviews, the Amazon algorithm then has the incentive to push up into having a higher sales ranking.

Jungle Scout Launch Pricing

The Launch by Jungle Scout is a bit on the pricier side, but it does come with a lot of benefits. The basic plan starts with $49 per month and it is tailored for sellers whose product sales range at around 500. Other plans are available for sellers who sell more units at a higher price. Visit their website to know the complete details on how much it will cost you.

Final Thoughts 

JumpSend is extremely innovative and makes it easy for new sellers. You can still have hope if you are not selling a single unit on Amazon. All your product needs is a little push. Many of your competitors will probably not be able to utilize Jump Send to the full capacity, and many of them will die out. You do not have to be one of them. You can trust the tool in quality because it comes from one of the most reputed selling tools of Amazon, Jungle Scout. Push your items on every advertisement platform you can and reap the benefits of the quick results from Jump Send.


Is there a free trial?

You can use the free trial of 3 days. Granted, it is not long at all. But still, you can create some good promotions in the first three days and see how many users go for it. If you are satisfied with the product, you can continue with any of the paid plans.

Can I register my account on the Jump Send website?

To sign up for Jump Send you can follow this link and sign up:

When they ask what type of account you are registering, add the option for seller account. Pick out the right subscription plan based on your requirements and funds.

After the payment is processed, you are free to use the Jump Send application. However, it will not work unless you add it to the Amazon seller account.

Provide admin access to the app by going to the User Permissions, and check that you are added as an admin on JumpSend. If your account is not added as admin, there will be a delete sign beside it. 

Next, you have to add the authorization token for MWS, which is available in the seller account on Amazon in the user permissions page. Follow the instructions and add Jump Send as a third party app there. And you will be able to send promotions from Amazon.

Amazon will verify from time to time that you still want Jump Send to have access to your data. So you have to repeat this process in the future as required.

How do I cancel my account?

If you do not like the services provided by Jump Send you are free to contact the customer service on Jungle Scout from their website to submit your request.

What are your views on this? Have you ever used JumpSend? Do let us know in the comments below.

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