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The Essential Guide to Becoming an Amazon Seller Central Pro

2020, 02, 18, Tuesday 02:26
Home Amazon Business The Essential Guide to Becoming an Amazon Seller Central Pro
What is Amazon Seller Central?
How to Set Up an Account on Seller Central Amazon
How to Choose What Kind of Products to Sell on Amazon
Navigating the Seller Central Key Dashboard Features 
Choosing a Fulfillment Option
Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Central
Final Thoughts

seller central amazon

Amazon has been constantly growing and evolving into the giant it is today and they are now allowing regular people take advantage of their network of customers to sell and market products. Amazon Seller Central was created to help sellers to sell their products to the market through Amazon so both parties can benefit from each other and grow together.

It may sound easy enough to just open up an online store with Amazon, but there are many considerations and decisions that need to be made in order to establish a reputable and profitable selling platform. By helping you understand the major and minor details of Amazon Central Seller, this article will act as your guide as to what the platform is, how it works, and how you can use it to launch your business.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Center may now sound like a great way to start selling products? But what exactly is it? In its most basic form, Amazon Seller Central is a platform that allows regular people to set up an account with Amazon and start selling goods through the Amazon platforms. The Amazon Seller central platform allows you to enter into the digital marketplace and work with Amazon without having to worry about making your own website, dealing with returns, and most of the other aggravating tasks that come with having an independent online market place. Amazon wants to make the service as easy as possible to online sellers, so they have created a seamless that requires little involvement other than sharing some basic information about your account and your product inventory before you go on selling.

Making sure that you understand the fundamentals of the selling platform before even determining what you want to sell will give you a better understanding as to if you are even ready to start pursuing an online marketplace. With this next section, we will go over some of the basic elements you will need to set up an account and walk you through the easiest way to go from start to finish.

How to Set Up an Account on Seller Central Amazon

The Amazon Seller Central account set-up process isn’t too involving, but you must make sure you take care of every detail for your business to be official and running smoothly. Before beginning your account activation, make sure to read through this section in its entirety because every step is crucial and you will need to have a lot of specific information at the ready so your account can be set up as soon as possible.

1) Get to the Amazon Seller Website

To start your account registration, the first thing you will need to do is navigate to and look for the tab that says ‘sell’ on it. Once you find this tab, you should see a button that says, ‘start selling,’ which will direct you to an account creation page. By following the next steps, you will be able to fill out all of the information necessary to successfully create your Amazon Seller Central account.

2) Set up your account basics

Once you have reached the account creation page, you will be prompted to fill out a number of boxes with information about you and your company. These will include:

Business Name

When you come up with a business name, make sure it is something relevant to what you are planning to sell and will still sound alright if you plan to branch out and sell other product. It is best to avoid numbers and characters in your business name as that may not translate well to other cultures and will just make your business seem confusing. A business name can be as basic or as complex as you like, but it will really be the quality of the user experience on your page that determines your success.

Contact Information

To make sure that you can reach Amazon and they can reach you, you ill need to enter in some basic contact information like your name, email, and phone number. Make sure that whatever information you enter is current and what you use most frequently so there aren’t any issues between your business and Amazon. You will also want to set up an additional point of contact for you and your customers, but this section should be kept separate and only used when absolutely necessary as you don’t want any of your information to become compromised.

Name and Address

For things like billing information that Amazon will need to communicate with you, you will need to provide your personal address and legal name. This does not have to be the address you are shipping out of, but it does need to be the address that you personally reside at and are most easily reached at. Don’t use any nicknames or shortened versions of your name because it is very easy for names to get mixed up and confused when every document you fill out has a different version of your name.

Shipping Locations

When you decide to open your business, you should have an idea of where you want to ship products to and how you are going to deal with shipping rates. Selling in one country is easy enough but becoming an international distributor can become a much more complex endeavor. Every country has trade taxes and shipping fees that can very quickly add up and make people more or less willing to buy your product. Do some research as to how much shipping can cost for different regions so you can give customers an accurate price of shipping or if you don’t ship to their region, how they can figure out shipping to get the products.

Bank Details

To ensure your payments are registered quickly and efficiently, make sure that cards and account details are kept up to date. You can update this information is you get a new bank account and keeping this information current will make sure there are no issues in getting you money and extra hassle that has to be dealt with. With such sensitive information being kept on your account alongside most of your business operations, many sellers recommend using a two-step authentication method that may take an extra second to log in but keeps your data safe.

Business Logo

It may seem strange to put much effort into a business logo when you are already selling on Amazon, but if people are able to recognize your brand and seller page, they will begin to create a vision of your brand in their head and become returning customers. There are many free logo creating websites online, and you can always get an affordable logo designed that will help you stand out to sellers looking for a brand they can trust.

Gift and Return Policies

This section can be a bit tricky to deal with at first, so think about the possible scenarios you will have to deal with in the future. Many sellers on Amazon just use the Amazon return policy to deal with returns and refunds, but you can establish your own policies if you feel the need. One thing that can be increasing popular around the holidays is to offer gift messaging services or even wrapping to customers. Most customers really appreciate the option to have their gift seem like a gift to the recipient and will leave them increasingly satisfied with your business.

Business Information

Just like almost every business website you see online, a good business will always have an about page that tells customers some details about the business they are buying from. Give customers some background as to who you are and what your business stands for so they can create a connection and build trust in your brand. Having a strong story to tell buyers will make them see you as a special brand among the sea of other sellers who are just looking to create a quick buck.

Tax Information

As tedious as it can be, setting up your tax information is a crucial step to making sure your business is legitimate and operating legally. Just as if you were opening your own business, you have to fill out similar information as to the early information that confirms your business name, address, and other identification. You will also have to declare if you are operating as a Sole Proprietor, Partnership, or LLC so that the taxes are filed in accordance with your business structure. Lastly, you will need to fill out your social security information and Tax identification information so all of your money can be properly taxed and accounted for.

It may seem like there is a lot of information necessary to fill out your account, but by having it already beforehand, you can fill out the application in no time. Once your account Is set up, you then move onto the question of what products to sell which will be looked at in the next section.

How to Choose What Kind of Products to Sell on Amazon

seller central amazon

Now that your account is fully set-up, you are now ready to decide what kind of products you want to sell on Amazon. Choosing what products to sell is a fairly easy task and there are many tools online that can help determine the best products to sell from your site. In particular, there are three excellent pieces of software that were specifically designed to help. The three products to help you pick the best products to sell from your account are IO Scout, Jungle Scout, and Helium 10.

IO Scout

seller amazon central

IO scout offers amazon sellers many important data points that will help them analyze the current market to help make smart business decisions in the future. With its database of over 150 million products, IO Scout will scan all of Amazon and help you find the next product that you could make a great profit from. The product tracking feature allows you to create categories of products to watch and monitor so you can see the living flow of products and see what products could be potential winners in the future. With its ease of use and very easy to understand graphics, IO Scout makes it easier than ever to get into the world of online product tracking to help you succeed with Amazon Seller Central.

Jungle Scout

amazon seller central

For one of the most accurate and well-rounded scanners on the market, Jungle Scout helps sellers see every detail of a products life cycle and will track products from their first batch to every stored unit available. With an impressively long list of features, Jungle Scout can do just about anything from calculating complex algorithms with precision to helping sellers find the best new products to sell. Jungle Scout is able to see the big picture of what goes on in the digital space and leaves out no information so you have the power to monitor just what your customers would want to buy in the future.

Helium 10

amazon seller central

Helium 10 is one of the oldest product tracking software’s on the market and it has been improving and adapting ever since its original creation. Similar to the other search tools, Helium 10 has the ability to access millions of products throughout the internet and find patterns and trends with them to help advise your business decisions. In addition to the basic search and tracking features, Helium 10 also helps you manage various other aspects of your seller account by helping you with refund issues, profit charts, and an inventory protector tool to give you peace of mind about your online marketplace.

Navigating the Seller Central Key Dashboard Features 

To make your first time navigating the many features of the Amazon Seller Central App or website, the main features and their primary uses will be broken down and explained in enough detail to help you know what each function is meant to do.


Just like any other type of catalog, the catalog section on your account shows all of the products that you have currently on list or have listed in the past. This is essentially the home page for your products and houses what you have sold in the past and allows you to have drafts from your past ideas and lets you edit them so you can post updated products in the future.


Arguably one of the most important features, the inventory feature highlights your product inventory and helps you visualize what you have in stock and what you need more of. Thankfully for the sellers, Amazon has a record of what you keep in their facilities and takes care of most of the work that needs to be done. The inventory section allows you to basically monitor your entire operation and shows all of the key information that shows how your brand is doing.


When you look at a gas station, you will often see that it changes its price by a few cents when a competitor drops their prices. On Amazon, the Seller Central pricing tab has a feature that automatically adjusts your products prices to compete with similar products. The pricing tab allows you to take a deep dive into your products’ pricing and helps you stay competitive in the market. The automated pricing tools also allow you to let smart algorithms decide when to change and when to hold certain prices.


To help you know what is going in and what is going out with your account, the orders tab on your account helps you monitor all the orders made through your account and their present state. The orders tab allows you to see what orders have been completed, what orders are pending, and other information is regarding any orders that have been processed or are in the works. Amazon has many ways to help you manage your orders and will even give you instructions as to how to further monitor the order process for added reassurance.


Advertising is a critical part of any marketing campaign, and Amazon helps you advertise your products with ease. The advertising tab is where you will monitor and update your advertising campaigns through Amazon and can add more or less advertising for your account. Amazon even has the option for you to use promotions and advertising throughout the Amazon website so that you can push your new deals and savings to the customers who want your products most.


This unique feature may not apply to every brand, but for those that it does, they can use the store feature to create a unique presence for your products through Amazon. For brands that have a larger presence online and want shoppers to have a more interactive experience on Amazon, you can register your brand for a store page on Amazon which will unlock a larger presence on the website alongside additional features for you and your users. The store feature is not necessary, but it can help give larger brands a boost in views and sales.


If you like to see the raw analytics and data on your product’s performance, then you will feel right at home with the reports feature. The reports tab essentially breaks down all of the actions that have happened with your site and shows you the bigger picture of how your business is doing. You can take advantage of this feature to look at the history of all of your transactions and even take stock of what is currently in your warehouse with everything in between also being present.

amazon seller central fees


The performance section can either be the best or worst section to look at depending on your business performance. The performance feature allows you to see how your account is doing, but more importantly, it highlights the customer feedback that your account has received so you can see if you need to adjust or improve your customer interaction.

Choosing a Fulfillment Option

Unlike the old days of drop shipping products from your house to customers, Amazon has allowed its Seller Central members to go about product distribution in other ways. While you can still ship products from your own location, using an Amazon Fulfillment center for your operations make’s thing flow much more smoothly. With the Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA, services offered, businesses can take care of all the aspects of using Amazon to process orders by their customers and then use an Amazon warehouse to store and deliver packages when they are sold. What this means is that you will not have to physically store any of the products you are selling as an Amazon fulfillment center will store and get your orders ready for delivery when the products are ordered.

Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Central

When you want to make a business on the internet to sell items, having a name like Amazon being associated with your brand gives people a peace of mind in knowing that the overall transaction and delivery process will be smooth and seamless. Setting up an Amazon Seller Central Account opens up your opportunities to so many more clients than if you were to just try and set up your own independent platform. Amazon is able to take care of all of the messy work and products like IO Scout, Jungle Scout, and Helium 10 all make the overall process easier than it has ever been before. Amazon Seller Central fees are low, starting at just $0.99 per item along with a sliding scale closing fee that can be a few cents up to over a dollar.

Final Thoughts

From the first day of setting up your account to your first sale, the amount of opportunity that is out there waiting to be tapped into is immense. With all of the support form Amazon and outside information, it has never been easier to set up your very own Amazon Seller Central account. By reading this article and knowing what it takes to set up an Amazon Seller Central, hopefully you are no ready to take the next steps to starting your very own online business!

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