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What An FBA Toolkit Is, And How To Use It

2020, 02, 13, Thursday 02:31
Home Reviews What An FBA Toolkit Is, And How To Use It
What Is FBA Toolkit?
FBAToolkit Pricing
How To Use FBAToolkit?
Consider It Reviewed!

In order to successfully sell products on Amazon and other online marketplaces, it’s quite essential that you prepare well in advance, making use of any resources and tools that could help to give you a competitive edge against the competition. As the number of online merchants has grown over recent years, so has the level of competition alongside it, and this is forcing sellers to seek information from new places all of the time.

Being able to excel in product research, and knowing all aspects about your product such as price history, taxation, FBA fees, sourcing and more, is what can help to separate certain sellers on the market than others. Some people sell what they want to sell, while others will sell what the majority wants, fully aware of how well certain products do in the market and the upcoming trends that may take place.

Whether new or experienced, every online seller could make great use of an FBA Toolkit. With an FBA Toolkit, sellers are quickly able to gain access to information regarding a product's daily sales volume, a price list analysis of its performance and projections, and also the ability to track an item and its price fluctuations, demand changes and stock options.

As some platforms that offer these Amazon seller tools can offer more than others, most generally have the same idea, and can provide sellers with instant information pertaining to the product that they wish to put on the market themselves. An all-in-one Amazon solution tool to estimate your sales by IO Scout Sales Estimator , track your inventory, monitor your keywords, and much more is IO Scout. The most affordable solution for Amazon FBA sellers wanting to level up their business. 10 and upwards tools are provided on the plan, giving you everything you need for your business.

What Is FBA Toolkit?

Spending a lot of time on product research as on online merchant is clearly a worthwhile way to spend your time, seeing that it’s very important to have a good idea of the marketability and selling potential of your product, as well as knowledge of what categories of products may be doing better than others.

As important as it is to spend time on it, your time can also be used to your advantage spent in other areas that improve the growth of your business. To help you save time on product research and get cracking on other aspects of development, great resources known as FBA Toolkits have helped online merchants grow their businesses for years. Simple, yet very effective, these Toolkits offer an array of product research tools.

By providing a few comprehensive tools, FBA Toolkit puts the power in the sellers hands that gives them the access to critical product information. With this information, sellers are much more capable of coming up with a profitable selling plan; one that is aware of all aspects of their products performance, as well as one that is aware of what is popular, and the upcoming trends that they can take advantage of.

Generally, with FBA Toolkit, users are able to view an estimation of a products sales, receive a price list analysis of the products past, present and future performance, and are granted the ability to track products and their price movements.

With just the products ASIN or BSR, you are able to find out the estimated sales for that product, as well as daily sales volume for the product. Gaining a fairly accurate insight as to what is popular on the market can make all the difference for you, and seeing this information can also help you to dive in and become accustomed to certain niche areas on the market.

Using the tools offered correctly will prove to be an essential resource that you will keep in your back pocket for a while to come. The tools offered by FBA Toolkit are the same with each level of subscription, but you are granted more and more freedom with each tool the more you pay.

Luckily, these tools are simple to use, and are very user friendly for people of all ages. Within just a few seconds, you’ll receive access to business-changing information that can help you sell products at a rate you’ve never experienced before.

FBAToolkit Pricing

Coming across FBA Toolkit’s pricing page on their website , you will see a number of different subscription options that offer varying amounts of benefits. The tools offered are the same, but you get more use out of them the more you pay, and also access to more online help.

It should first be brought to everyone's attention that their a subtle disclaimer at the top of this page, saying that they depend on third party API’s and services, so any time that those services become restricted or discontinued means that you, and everyone else subscribed, are at risk of losing their account without a refund. 

But, this really shouldn’t steer you away from the platform, seeing that this hasn’t happened yet, and many users have left plenty of good reviews online.

Offered by FBA Toolkit is five separate membership options that you can sign up for, each costing a bit more than the former, while offering more and more access and ability with the tools that are given. These memberships will range from $5 - $1000 per month.

The subscriptions offered by FBA Toolkit go as follows;

  •      Scouter - $5 per Month: 10 tracked products, 100 price list rows per day, 100 barcode   scans per day. Offering a one month free trial beforehand (Amazon U.S. only)
  •      Starter - $50 per Month: 250 tracked products, 1000 price list rows per day, 500 barcode scans per day. Given access on website to all tracked products. (Amazon U.S. only)
  •      Business - $250 per Month: 2500 tracked products, 5000 price list rows per day, 1000 barcode scans per day. Given access on website to all tracked products. (Amazon U.S. only)
  •      Enterprise - $500 per Month: 10000 tracked products, 15000 price list rows per day, 2000 barcode scans per day. Given access on website to all tracked products as well as training support. Other reports included such as average / minimum / maximum buybox and sales volume. Can be used for Amazon U.S, Spain, U.K, Denmark, France, Italy, Canada and Mexico.
  •      Elite - $1000 per Month: 30000 tracked products, 50000 price list rows per day, 5000 barcode scans per day. Given access on website to all tracked products as well as training support. Other reports included such as average / minimum / maximum buybox and sales volume. Can be used for Amazon U.S, Spain, U.K, Denmark, France, Italy, Canada and Mexico.

As you can see, being aware of how much you expect to sell, and how much you truly want to grow your business, can play a huge factor in deciding which plan is the right one for you. If you believe your online selling will only be for some side money as opposed to a large majority of your income, then perhaps it would be wise to go with some of the lower level plans, such as Scouter or Starter.

On the other hand, if you truly intend to grow your business, or are already dealing with a lot of sales, then going with a higher level plan such as Business or Enterprise could be well worth the money invested in it.

FBAToolkit Features

Upon becoming a subscriber of FBA Toolkit’s services, you will be given access to their three comprehensive tools. With these tools, you will be able to save much time on product research and preparation, which will grant you time to spend on other business necessities. Each tool, in itself, provides the user with different data and information, pertaining to what tool is being used.

Provided to you by FBAToolkit will be a sales rank / sales per day estimator, a price list analysis generator, and a product tracking feature that will allow you to track price changes, sales and stock movement for a given product. These three tools, in combination, will give you more than enough information about a product that will allow you to sell it comfortably, with knowledge of what to expect and how well it may perform on the market.

The tools you are given access to calculate different information, and are used separately, each performing their own functions and data display;

  •      Sales Rank Checker / Sales Per Day Estimator

With this tool, users are able to plug in a product’s BSR (Best Seller Rank) found on a products Amazon page into the correct category’s module, and are shown data displayed on a plot and line graph, giving you a calculated estimation of the average sales per day that the given product experiences within the certain category. Provided with this information, you are given a clearer picture as to how often a product you are interested in selling can perform on the market. In addition, this is the only tool offered without having to be a member.

 -      From , the Amazon categories in which you can search and receive an estimated average of the products daily sales are;

i.           Home & Kitchen

ii.          Toys & Games

iii.         Cell Phones & Accessories

iv.          Home Improvement

v.           Arts, Crafts & Sewing

vi.          Beauty

vii.        Musical Instruments

viii.       Health & Personal Care

ix.    Watches

x.         Kitchen & Dining

xi.        Patio, Lawn & Garden

xii.       Pet Supplies

xiii.      Grocery & Gourmet Food

xiv.      Jewelry

xv.        Electronics

xvi.      Automotive

xvii.  Office Products

-      As shown below, on a products Amazon page, you can easily identify the ASIN and BSR numbers and letters under the product description. Here, you can simply copy and paste them into the desired value field. 

FBA Toolkit

  •       Price List Analysis Generator

This is a very useful tool for forming a sales plan and staying on top of current sales. The price list analysis generator allows you to upload a spreadsheet with with a list containing various ASIN’s (Amazon Standard Identification Number), EAN’s (European Article Number), or UPC’s (Universal Product Code), and then are provided with a generated report giving you calculated information that will help to make your selling decisions become more clear, with decisions involved in dealing with your current offers, the estimation of your sales rate, profit to be seen, markup, and more. ASIN’s, EAN’s and UPC’s are commonly displayed under the product description section on a products page, and can simply be copied and pasted into the input value field.

  •       Product Tracker

The third tool offered by FBAToolkit is their product tracker. This is a common tool offered by various platforms with FBA services and resources, but FBA Toolkit’s certainly does not pale in comparison to the others. With this tool, users are able to keep track of the price, sales and stocks from various merchants selling on Amazon. They only display information on sales and stock for merchants that have had or had shared the buybox. If they are unable to provide information on a product from a merchant on a specific day, then they will grab data from other merchants who are sharing the buybox. With the ability to track a product's performance and spy on competition, you are able to better prepare a sales plan, and exploit opportunities that present themselves within the market.

Used in unison, these comprehensive tools will undoubtedly provide you with enough information that can give you direction as to either invest in a product / niche, or to avoid it completely. From a broader perspective, the tools given to you by FBA Toolkit can be seen as resources that will save you money, and help you put it in a more profitable place.

How To Use FBAToolkit?

Sales Rank / Sales per Day Estimator

One of the great things about FBAToolkit and their tools, is that they are very user friendly and easy to use. What’s even better, is that their Sales Rank checker / Sales per Day estimator is free to use for anyone, regardless of membership. With this simple tool, all you’ll have to provide is the products BSR number found under the products description on its page, copying and pasting it into the value field for the category that the product falls under.

 fba spreadsheet

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When you enter in the products BSR, you are shown information displayed on a plot and line graph, showing you the estimated sales per day within the given products category. Shown above are two separate products for two different categories, one Toys & Games, the other Beauty & Personal Care.

 For the product entered into the Toys & Games category, it experiences one sale per 30 day average. On the other hand, the product entered into the Beauty & Personal Care category experiences 88 sales per 30 day average. Usage of this tool is free, but you are provided data pertaining to Amazon sales in the U.S only, whereas you can gain access to data from more countries with a high level subscription. 

Price List Analysis

For the price list analysis, you will just need to upload a spreadsheet of various ASIN’s, EAN’s and UPC’s of products that you are seeking information on, then you will be given an automated report giving you detailed information about the products cost, profit, markup, offers and sales per day average of the last 30 days. The report comes back in an easy to read display. These calculations can save you a great deal of time by providing you with instant access to not even just one, but a ton of products performance information and statistics.

( )

 The information provided to you can help to make decisions within your business, such as when to buy stock, how much to buy, what products you need more of and which ones you need less of, accepting / countering offers, etc. In the scope of building your business, these aspects are very important, and need to be kept on top of in order to avoid overlaps and errors in your line of production and growth.

Product Tracker

Perhaps their most simple tool to use, FBAToolkit’s product tracker is very easy to make use of, and even grants you the competitive advantage of spying on your competition. All you’ll have to do is provide the products ASIN, found under its description on its product page, posting it into the value field.

After you plug in the products ASIN, all you’ll have to do is wait, and check back in often to see if anything has changed. While tracking a product, you will be updated on information related to price changes, stock movement and sales from other merchants selling the product. Being able to track products over time can prove to be very beneficial, by helping you know what products are consistently sold, which ones are sold by season, how much to expect in price movement, etc.

With lower level subscriptions, you aren’t able to track many products, only around 10-250. But, as you go higher in subscription levels, you begin gaining the ability to track thousands at once. This can be very useful if you are a merchant that sells a lot of products / is intending to sell a lot of products.

 fba toolkit review

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After you begin tracking a product, it will be displayed as shown above at the bottom of your ‘My Tracked Products’ page. Be sure to check in often in order to see any quick changes, and to become familiarized with its performance on the market.

Consider It Reviewed!

With this FBAToolkit review in mind, you should be more than ready to make a decision as to whether you want to become a member with them or not. FBAToolkit offers comprehensive tools that allow you to cut down on time spent doing product research, giving you more time to spend on other business ventures. Keep in mind what level of seller you aspire to be, and you should have no mistake in picking the correct membership for you.

Pricing can be an issue for some, so be sure to try out the free trial offered on their Scouter membership beforehand to see if you think you’d even enjoy their services. Likely, you will be satisfied with the tools they provide to you, seeing that if they are used together correctly, they can help you to form a profitable sales plan, and aid you in adjusting to any changes in the market. 


Can I Cancel My FBAToolkit Membership?

If by any chance you find yourself unhappy with FBAToolkit’s services, you can cancel your membership at any time by contacting the support team. Unfortunately, no refunds are given if the monthly fee is already paid for. Keep in mind, that FBAToolkit also enlists the help of third party services to help them run their operations, so if any of them become discontinued or fall out of agreement, your membership may be cancelled without a refund, along with all other users. As mentioned, this has not happened yet, and many users have left positive reviews online en masse.

What Markets Are Supported By FBAToolkit?

FBAToolkit can supply its users with Amazon product data from various countries other than the United States. They only offer data from other countries if you are a subscriber to either the Enterprise or Elite membership. Other than this, the Amazon product data they supply you in the Scouter, Starter and Business memberships are from the United States. Data gathered from other countries given to you by FBAToolkit as a higher ranking member can be data from;

  •     United States
  •     Spain
  •     United Kingdom
  •     Denmark
  •     France
  •     Italy
  •     Canada
  •     Mexico

Receiving data from other countries is beneficial if you seek to tap into the market there and sell various products, and to see how the competition is performing.

Does FBAToolkit Offer A Free Trial?

If you wish to get a feel for how it works before you dive into paying for their services, you can receive a 30 day free trial of their Scouter membership. After this, you will be charged a recurring payment of $5 per following month. With this free trial, you have access to tracking up to 10 products at once, with 100 price list rows per day, and 100 barcode scans per day.

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