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What to Sell on Amazon – Finding Profitable Products

2020, 02, 16, Sunday 07:28
Home Expert Advice What to Sell on Amazon – Finding Profitable Products
What are the Top-selling Categories on Amazon?
Choosing What to Sell on Amazon FBA
Finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon – 10 Steps
Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon
Final Thoughts

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with an interest in online shopping, you most likely know about Amazon. It started as a small bookstore and rapidly grew to become the world’s most popular place to shop online. They deliver to every state in the United States as well as many places all over the world and most of the top-selling items on Amazon are everyday items that you would find in an American home.

Amazon came from humble beginnings; much like many of today's powerhouse corporations, it was first conceptualized in the company founder's garage. It was originally intended to be an online bookstore under the name “” but was quickly changed after it was mistakenly heard to be “” It went through several different name changes before finally settling on Amazon because it makes you think of the Amazon, an exotic and different location with the world’s largest river. An excellent name for the world’s largest bookstore, don’t you think?

In 1994, only 4 years after Amazon was founded, they decided to move beyond books and acquired the Junglee Corporation which sold "everything from computers to clothes" to assist them in this endeavor. Thus began what is today the largest and most popular online shopping destination in the world. Whenever you are thinking of buying something online, Amazon is one of the first places you think of if not the first itself.

Today, Amazon is not a successful bookstore or even a successful online shopping destination. It is a massive corporation with fingers in many pies. Amazon has branched out into new industries like grocery stores and physical shopping destinations. They have a large influence in online streaming through their acquired platform, Twitch, which is and has been the most popular video game streaming site since that content became popular and started popping up everywhere.

What are the Top-selling Categories on Amazon?

what can i sell on amazon

Amazon has a nifty search option for Best Sellers that you can use to find the best selling items on Amazon sorted by category. It brings up a list of the most popular categories to search in including Games & Toys, Video Games, Electronics, Clothing, Cameras, & Books. On the left side of the screen are all of the other categories which you can click through at your convenience.

This is an excellent place to see what the most popular items are that people are buying. If you are looking to sell products yourself then this is a good location to see what the competition is doing. No matter what you are selling, there is something similar in this area to look at and compare against.

It is features like these that make Amazon one of the most popular destinations for online shopping, not only does it carry products from Appliances to Zoological books for the everyday shopper but it also knows and appreciates the kind of features that online vendors need. Below is a list of best selling categories and an overview of the kinds of best selling products within them.

Toys & Games

The three most popular items in the Toys & Games category are a bundle of card games for couples, a colorful notepad, and another adult card game. All three are very simple in function with almost no need for explanation. Card games are very simple and inexpensive to make which makes them an excellent choice if you have a talent or interest in game design.

Talk, Flirt, or Dare is a card game marketed towards couples. It plays much like truth or dare except the card is deciding whether you get truth or dare instead of picking it yourself. The game itself is intended for adults but comes with three different sets of cards depending on what your comfort level is with the person in question.

Melissa and Doug’s Scratch Art Box is marketed towards children as a kind of replacement for crayons and coloring books. They are essentially black notepads that, when scratched, reveal a multitude of colors from beneath. An entertaining concept wrapped around an inexpensive to make product that will need to be replaced, ensuring repeat customers. An excellent idea for a product that matches all three of the earlier concepts.

Cards Against Humanity is an extremely popular satirical party game. It is unashamedly politically incorrect and rejoices in dark and disturbing humor. So, naturally, most people love it. Taking the game at face value, it is a disturbingly amusing game full of laughs and amusingly awkward conversation, but that is not all it has to offer. Cards Against Humanity boldly brings up topics that are often avoided in conversation and, through the guise of humor, can encourage serious intellectual conversations regarding topics that should be discussed seriously more often.

Dolls, card games, and arts & crafts tools take up the majority of this category. All of which are inexpensive to make with popping colors to grab the attention. Many are marketed to children which themselves can be very persuasive when it comes to parents. Children’s products are an excellent idea for marketing because there will always be children and a need to keep them entertained.

Marketing towards children also fits the other two rules quite nicely because the products you sell will have to be inexpensively made as children often break things which will then need to be replaced and if your product is simple enough for a child to use it then it is probably simple enough to make the best sellers list.


what can you sell on amazon

The most popular items in Electronics are streaming devices and accessories for Amazon’s proprietary home A.I. Alexa. These products at first glance might appear to not be simple or inexpensive, but that is not the case. Each of these items performs a very simple task and most people will know how to use them as soon as they look at them.

Other than a very popular Wi-Fi router, the most complex item on the Electronics best sellers list is a laptop. Each product has a very simple function; remotes for controlling televisions, speakers for Alexa, film for cameras, wall outlets, and batteries. All are simple in function and require little instruction.

Another common theme among these items is their sleek designs. The pictures for each of these items are artfully done to show how futuristic they are. Of the top 100 most sold items in the Electronics category, 43 are over $50. That is less than half of the best selling items in what is one of the most expensive categories to shop for, and most of those items that are over $50 are things like televisions, computer monitors, and wireless routers. All very technical and expensive to make, which naturally makes their prices higher as a result. These are also all things that perform simple functions and are often found in every home in America.

Camera & Photo

The most popular items in the Camera & Photo section are instant film and home security cameras. The instant film is for another one of the best selling products in this category, the Fujimax Instax instant camera.

Film is another one of those one-use disposable items that constantly need to be replaced. It is inexpensive to make and a requirement for taking photos with a non-digital camera. Fujimax instant cameras in their different variations, as well as film for them, take up several places in the top-selling products on amazon for the Camera & Photo category.

The cameras make sense as a best selling item because they perform the very simple function of helping us to feel safe in an unsafe world. Having home security cameras provides a feeling of safety to your sanctuary, your home, the place you go to be safe from the troubles of the world and where you most likely keep your most valuable belongings.

More than half of the top-selling Amazon products in the Camera & Photo category are instant cameras, security cameras, or their accessories. There are a few baby monitors, a digital camcorder, and some binoculars, but the majority of items in the top Amazon products for this category are instant cameras and security cameras.

Video Games

The top three items in the Video Games section are gift cards for Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Inexpensive and requiring absolutely no thought at all. Customizable gifts with no specific direction are very popular. Why get a video game for a friend or family member when you could instead get them any game of their choice.

These gift cards are specifically for the most popular gaming companies in the market currently which adds to their popularity. Many homes have at least one console from one of these consoles in their living room or bedroom.

Unfortunately for those looking to sell, this is a trademarked item which makes it impossible to sell for the entrepreneurial individual.

As for actual video games in this category's bestseller section, it is dominated by remasters of classic games. Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Resident Evil, they all have a place on the best seller's list and they are unlikely to leave anytime soon.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool for selling products and the gaming industry knows that well. They ruthlessly take advantage of consumers’ desire to reminisce about better and happier times and most consumers are happy to let them. Anything that is bound to make most people think of happier times in their childhood or teen years is going to be a big hit and can be expected to sell well. Even better if it is affordable and easy to ship.


Unsurprisingly the top three books for the best seller category involve a murder-mystery-romance, a political piece, and a children’s book. Some of the most popular genres of all time. If you have a talent for writing then political writing is an excellent genre to get into now since the political situation in the United States is so divisive right now. If not, murder-mysteries have always been one of the more popular genres and romance is equally as popular.

Where the Crawdads Sing is a murder-mystery entwined with a coming-of-age story and a romance. All three of those genres are especially popular and Delia Owens, the author, is no stranger to authoring best selling novels. She has been a coauthor attached to 3 different internationally best selling books.

On Tyranny is both a commentary and warning on our current political system. It draws comparisons between the past century of political history and today's political situation. With politics as divisive as they are in our current society, it's no surprise that a political piece would see so much success.

Llama Llama I Love You is a children's novel written and illustrated by, now deceased, Anna Dewdney. Children's novels are naturally popular as they are written for children, the most excessive consumers in the world. The book itself is adorable and the art style is very colorful which draws the attention.

Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry

best items to sell on amazon

The majority of best sellers in the clothing category are women’s clothing with a large emphasis on lingerie. Best selling products in clothing will change greatly with the time of year, but clothing makes an excellent product due to its low cost and constantly high demand. For example, if it is winter, the three most popular products in the clothing category are almost always a hooded sweatshirt, hat, and snow pants.

Paying attention to fashion trends can be very lucrative for many brands, not just fashion vendors. It can be expected that you will see a rise in desaturated, warm clothing during colder months followed by light, airy, bright clothing in the spring.

The abundance of lingerie is no surprise either. No matter the time of year risqué clothing is going to do well. Sex sells and people want to feel sexy. What better way to show off your hard-earned sexy body then to wrap it up in appealing nightwear?

For Men's clothing on the bestseller list it is very sparse. Mostly you see socks, greyscale crew t-shirts, and boxer briefs. There are a few sweaters and belts sprinkled throughout, but in truth, Men's clothing just isn't popular on Amazon right now.

Choosing What to Sell on Amazon FBA

Choosing items to sell on Amazon that might become top-sellers is not as easy as looking at the current top-sellers and attempting to sell the same thing. There are some rules to follow to give you an edge.

Keep things simple

The top-selling items on Amazon are usually simple products that don’t require any thought to use and perform simple functions or solve simple problems. Complex items that break require specialists to fix them or might be complex enough that some buyers won’t be interested in taking the time to learn how to use them. Simple is better because it is accessible to everyone and the simpler it is the less expensive it is most of the time.

Inexpensive is better

A majority of the items in the top-seller section are inexpensive, under $50 in most cases. Many of them are disposable items that are only one use or a few uses like trash bags or film or gift cards. These kinds of items are bought constantly because they are everyday items that aren’t reusable. This isn’t to say that all best selling items are in that category, but they are almost all inexpensive which makes them accessible to a large variety of shoppers from different lifestyles. The more people your items of choice are useful to, the more people will buy it.

Marketing is important

All of the best selling products on Amazon have high-quality images and excellent custom descriptions. The sellers are taking the time to snap a few good pictures and write a description that sells their product. These are the first things a potential buyer is going to see and they set the tone for how they think about that product as they research it themselves.

These rules are a start towards having your thumb on the pulse of Amazon shopping and understanding the most popular trends when it comes to online shopping.

Finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon – 10 Steps

Before you start selling product on Amazon you first have to figure out what you should be selling. So, what are the best products to sell on amazon?

Use a Research Tool for Keywords on Amazon

Using a keyword research tool assists you to sift through large amounts of data regarding what people are searching for on Amazon. A program like Jungle Scout is recommended to find the best things to sell on amazon.

Find Keywords With Little Competition

You will need to bring traffic toward your product on Amazon somehow. Choosing keywords with little competition is a good way to do this. How should you choose your low-competition keywords? You could use something like Ahrefs Keyword Explorer configured to show only shopping results with low keyword difficulty and look for low domain rank sites in the list it provides you.

See How Products are Selling on eBay

Using the features of you can monitor what is selling on Ebay. You can use this site to research what is popular on Ebay and carry that information over to your sales on Amazon.

Check Amazon Reviews for Product Ideas

If you read Amazon reviews for the products you are looking to sell you can get valuable information on what people do and don’t like about the products already being sold in that niche. This can serve as a substitute for focus groups to get consumer feedback and show you what the best items to sell on amazon are.

Use Alibaba to check for White Label Products

If white label products are something you are considering then it is important to check Alibaba to see what is popular and what isn’t.

Search the Best Seller Amazon Categories

Checking Amazon’s Best Seller category will give you a view into what the successful competition is doing and will give you some insight into what their consumer’s do and don’t like.

Find Niches with Little Competition with Jungle Scout

You don’t want to have a lot of competition when you start selling your product. It is fortunate that Jungle Scout is available for finding those low competition niches. You are looking for a niche with high demand and keywords that aren’t in competition.

Use Ahrefs to See What Top Industry Publishers are Doing

Using a tool like Ahrefs you can check to see what the top industry publishers are doing to direct traffic towards products on Amazon. With that information you can see what their big marketing teams think is popular or what isn’t and save yourself some time and money by taking advantage of their hard work.

Analyze Current Trends With Google Trends

Seeing what is trending on google can give you a good idea of what will be popular on Amazon. Google Trends will show what is popular everywhere, and if it is popular everywhere else then it will certainly be a great item to sell on amazon.

Efficiently Browse Amazon Listings Using A Chrome Extension

Google Chrome extensions can assist you with researching products and how well they will sell on Amazon. Some of these extensions include, Jungle Scout, Unicorn Smasher, AMZScout Pro, SellerApp, Helium 10, AMZ Base, and AmazeOwl.

With the support of these chrome extensions you can browse through listings on Amazon very quickly and determine what kind of products you should consider selling.

Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon

There are many ways to source products to sell on Amazon including, retail and online arbitrage, drop shipping, Wholesale, Private Label, Alibaba, auctions and thrift stores, eBay, outsourcing, or you could provide your own products if you have the skillset and time required.

Final Thoughts

Following a few strategies can significantly aid you in deciding which products are or will be popular on Amazon which can be a boon when deciding what and when to sell a product on Amazon. Paying attention to trends and understanding what to look for in a product is an essential part of smart selling.

Amazon's bestseller section has a variety of tools to assist in seeing what people are buying.


How successful is selling on Amazon?

Your success with selling on Amazon is very dependent on what you are selling and what price you are selling it at. Your success may range from none at all to amazing.

How much can Amazon sellers make?

Most amazon sellers make somewhere between $1,000 - $25,000 per month in sales with some stretching as high as $250,000 .

What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

If you sign up for the professional sellers subscription plan then you pay a fee of $39.99 a month plus per-item-sold fees.

If you go with the individual plan then you pay $0.99 per item sold plus other fees varied by category.

What is the most sold item on Amazon?

The most sold item on Amazon are Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.


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